The long and winding road to fitness, day 102

Well…I woke up still not feeling well, but was doing better by noon or so.  Hopefully I’m finished with being sick, not a lot of fun…

My eating was okay today…still wasn’t feeling well enough to eat a lot.  And another day of zero exercise…hopefully I can pick that back up tomorrow and get at least a little exercise in over the course of the day.

My day wasn’t a total loss though.  I’ve been in the market for a new (to me) car for quite some time and today just happened to be the day that I found one that I liked and that I could afford.   I had intended to pay cash for a car, but decided to take the plunge and get a car financed.  I needed something that was dependable, was not especially concerned about the make or model…I’m not a big car person…as long as it gets me where I need to go and has minimal problems, I’m fine with whatever.  Having said that…

I think this little car looks pretty sharp!

A gold Chevy Malibu…

Not too shabby…smooth ride, has some get up and go, and looks pretty good too!  I may not sound like it here, but I am super excited!!

10 Responses

  1. A classy car! I’m not one for ostentatious rides although I have acquaintances who are. It’s made in America and I have to support our auto workers given what we’re going through now with the disturbing employment statistics and our diminished role in the manufacturing world. As Ebert says two thumbs up!!! ^◡^

  2. I learned to drive so very long ago (like two years ago haha) in a blue Chevy Malibu. Dependable cars, for sure. Good luck!

  3. My daughter has had two of those, (one was totaled, no one hurt). It should be a great car. Glad to see you bought American. 🙂 And happy you are feeling better!!

    • Glad no one was hurt when your daughter totaled her car…that’s always frightening. Yep, buying American is something I think i should do since a lot of my family works for (or has retired from) GM…times are tough, every little bit helps.

  4. Yeah!!Now you don’t have any excuse to not come up and see me. Except for work. Craft shows here we come!!!!!

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