The long and winding road to fitness, day 99

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ooh…big milestone coming up.  Just wish I could report that I was eating perfectly and getting lots of exercise.  It’s just not happening and I don’t know why.  I want it, I want to feel better, stronger, healthier, but I’m not working all that hard for it.  Not working anywhere near as hard as I know I need to be.  I need to decide on a plan of action and then go for it.

I guess you can see that I’m feeling just a tad discouraged with myself and my actions.  Last night I said I had my meals and snacks planned and that I needed to go into the kitchen and prepare them.  Surprise!  I didn’t do it.  Then, when I was getting ready this morning, I looked at the clock and realized I needed to leave in less than five minutes and hadn’t put my shoes on, gathered the trash, got my jacket and umbrella out.  So…I didn’t take all that healthy stuff to work that I’d intended to take.  And ended up eating lunch out as well as a blasted Snickers bar (ha, Diane…see, I’m not trying to hide anything here).  I finished the day with 2,125 calories and not a lot of exercise.  I walked twice for 10 minutes at a time, did upper body strength training and stretching before work, and a bunch of running around and heavy lifting at work.  So not terrible, but not what I need to do to get this weight off.

We’ve got another corporate visitor coming this week (I know, really?).  This guy came last year for the fall tour and was such a nice guy, very pleasant to talk with, would listen when we voiced concerns (actually took notes!), and wanted to meet everyone.  We still have some fluffing to do to get ready for the visit, but I expect this one to be much more enjoyable than last week’s.  And then I am going to do my best to make sure that Chris takes at least the weekend off (can I also get him to take Monday off?  I’m sure going to try.  This guy needs some time off.  Hello, Chris?  Do you hear me?   Dude, sleep for an entire day.).

Do you sometimes find your actions to not be in line with your desires?  How do you deal with that?


Making wrong assumptions


After reading a friend’s blog today, I was thinking about the assumptions I make about other people.  He was talking about homelessness and how he has viewed homeless people.  I have to admit I’ve had similar views and experiences in that regard. 

 Then I started thinking about how my assumptions are sometimes wrong.  For example, I had avoided reading his blog because I assumed it would be overly religious and preachy, I mean his blog title is practicalproverbs…what was I supposed to think?  Totally  wrong assumption on my part.  His blog was well thought out, well written and very applicable to everyday life.  No preachiness at all.  How could I have assumed it would be otherwise?  I mean I’ve known this guy for years and years, I know what he’s like, I know he’s a good guy.  But I allowed my wrong assumptions to keep me from reading something that I ended up thoroughly enjoying.

So where else in my life am I allowing my wrong assumptions to keep me away from something that will be beneficial or enjoyable?  Something to think about, isn’t it?