Going back to school


Image by J. Paxon Reyes via Flickr

I have to admit, there are times when I think about going back to school.  Totally changing careers.  But honestly, with the exception of writing, I can’t think of anything I really, truly feel passionate about as far as a career goes.  Of course I have interests, don’t we all?  But one thing I’ve discovered about myself over the years is that I tend to get bored and move on to the next great thing.  I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse.  A blessing in that I get to experience a lot of different, fun things in life.  A curse in that I have yet to find that one thing  to do in life that makes me wake up with a smile on my face because I just can’t wait to get the day started.

Seriously, isn’t that how some people feel about their jobs?  Maybe not most people, but some?  I like my job well enough, but it’s not what I envisioned for myself years ago…well, I don’t really know that I envisioned anything all those years ago except being a singer in a rock band…kind of funny if you could hear me sing!

So, what?  Did I have unrealistic dreams?  Mmm…yeah, those dreams about being a singer…pretty unrealistic.  Maybe one of the reasons I like writing so much is that I can make my life be whatever I can imagine…heck, I can even be someone else when I’m writing…someone from a hundred years ago, or someone living a thousand years from now.  I can be a queen or a serving girl.  I can be wealthy or abjectly poor.  I can be Hitler or Mother Theresa…in my writing, I can be whoever I choose to be and do whatever I want to do.  If I don’t like how life is working out in my writing, I can just edit things, change them to make me happy.  Now, if only I could figure out how to make my life work like that…ah well, in the meantime, I’ll just keep writing, imagining, dreaming, and doing a lot of editing.