And then the wind blew…

Tornado warning

Tornado warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and blew and blew!!  I haven’t been sleeping well, waking up coughing, so imagine my displeasure when I woke up to the sound of tornado sirens last night.  Yep, tornado sirens in Indiana in January. Had to get up, go downstairs and find out what was going on.  There was no lightning or anything, just really strong winds.  When I turned on the tv, they were showing the approaching storm and saying to take cover on the lower floor of your dwelling in an interior room without windows (I think I’ve heard that often enough that I was able to repeat it verbatim).  Well, I don’t know about you, but the only room in my house that doesn’t have windows is the half bath on the lower floor.  Yeah, it’s never fun to sit there in that tiny bathroom with two cats, both of which are trying to pull the door open and escape.  But, being the good kitty momma that I am, I keep them locked in there with me just in case.

I didn’t actually ever get into the bathroom last night.  The tornado warning was lifted before the edge of the storm came through Bloomington, so we just ended up with high winds and heavy rains.  And I’m not complaining about that, really I’m not.

But it was about three hours after the sirens sounded before I was able to go back to sleep, and I wasn’t too crazy about that.  When I think about it though, I guess that’s a much better scenario than what could have happened.

I see the light…at least that’s what I hope it is

Produce Rainbow

Produce Rainbow (Photo credit: moon angel)

I really do feel better today.  I know I’ve said this before, but I think it’s true this time…finally!  I actually got out of the house and went to CVS (where, by the way, I had an awesome shopping day…2 tubes of Pro Health toothpaste, a bottle of Tums, a box of tissues, a bottle of nail polish, and a newspaper…what did I spend?  $2.05…how ’bout them apples?) and Kroger where I bought a ton of produce.  Everything else I bought was healthy, healthy, healthy…no junk!  So that’s a good start.

Then I did a little around the house (not much, still not feeling THAT great) and decided to get a little exercise in.  This is the first time in over three weeks that I’ve felt like exercising.  Again, I didn’t do much, but it sure felt good to be able to do what I did.

I’m still going to try to get back in to see my doctor (she’s leaving her practice so I’m going to have to find another doctor…boo…I hate that.  You finally find a doctor you like and what do they do?  Yep, they up and leave you…sheesh…don’t they know how difficult it is to find a good doctor?) Monday…or whenever she can squeeze me in.  Still feel kind of a pain when I take a deep breath…not sure what that’s about.

I can’t believe how much my mood has improved just because I’m feeling better…and was able to get out of the house.

Decluttering your inbox

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my gosh, I think I’m probably the world’s worst at unsubscribing to email newsletters that I’m no longer interested in.  I just do mass deletions and go on.  But I was reading an article (somewhere?  All You, maybe?) today about decluttering and they mentioned cleaning out your inbox so you don’t have to deal with deleting all of those emails every day.  Head slap!!  Why haven’t I done this before?  Why do I think people will be insulted if I unsubscribe to their emails?  Seriously, will most people or businesses even realize it?  And why should I care?  And really, if I unsubscribe, how will I even know that it bothered them?

So I’m going to start doing this.  I know it takes a few minutes, but eventually I’ll get rid of all that clutter in my inbox and have one less stress in my life.  What about you?  Are you quick to unsubscribe or do you just let it slide?

Great customer service at Amazon

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Seriously, you usually hear about customer service issues when the customer service leaves something to be desired.  But not today.  Nope, I’m pretty happy with my experience today.  I had a package that was supposed to have been delivered last week, but I was so sick that I didn’t really look into it until yesterday.  I logged into my UPS account to track the package.  UPS said it was delivered and that someone with a name other than mine signed for it.  So I thought I’d check and see if the UPS driver had dropped the package off at the office.  No…didn’t happen.

So I went on to email them about the situation, explaining that I live by myself and that it’s not possible that someone at my house would have signed for the package, that it hadn’t been signed for at the office or by any of my neighbors.  And I asked them what they were going to do about it.

Well, after checking my email several times today with no response from UPS, I decided to contact Amazon directly.  I clicked on help, then on one of the links there to contact customer service…had the option of email, phone call, or chat.  I chose chat and was connected with Fidel.  After asking a couple of questions, Fidel was able to immediately order a replacement for me at no cost and I’ll get it Monday.  Wow!  He apologized for the inconvenience and set it all up…quick, easy, and exactly what I was hoping for.

Do I appreciate great customer service?  You bet I do!  Will I continue to shop at Amazon?  Heck yeah!!

Being sick isn’t as fun as snow days

A sick cartoon Pig Complete with orange juice ...

A sick cartoon Pig Complete with orange juice and an ice pack for his terrible fever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously, being sick is a pain.  I actually feel a little better, but still have a fever and am not able to keep anything down…so, still trapped in my house.  See, if I felt good, being stuck at home would be nice, a treat.  But being sick finds me either in bed or on the couch, with just a little stumbling around the house trying to do a few of the basic housekeeping chores.  What a waste of time.

I talked with the nurse at my doctor’s office today…they’re calling in another prescription for me.  And she told me to stay at home until I go 24 hours without a fever..okey dokey…fun, fun!

You know, I kind of feel guilty for abandoning my co-workers, but I’d feel even worse if I gave them what I have…but I really am going to work on improving my immune system…simply have to eat a healthy diet.  I know it, it’s just a matter of doing it.  But I’m making plans for when I can actually start eating again.  I’m tired of getting sick…

Health and fitness, it’s got to be now

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness (Photo credit: Justin Liew)

I know, I know…those of you who know me have heard this before…several times.  I have got to do something to regain my health, become fit, and put an end to feeling so bad all the time.  So, since I’m off work today, sick with the flu, I’m going to reflect on this and make a plan…a plan to  eat better, exercise more, deal with the stress in my life in a positive manner, and take charge of my life.

A year or so ago, I started another blog that I intended to use to chronicle my journey to fitness.  But, as my fitness efforts dwindled, I allowed my blogging efforts to fall by the wayside as well.  Since I never intended this blog that you’re reading today to be solely a health and fitness blog, I hesitated to devote so much space to that end.  So, if you want to cheer me on in my fitness efforts, I’d welcome you to come visit my other blog:

Believe me, I need all of the encouragement I can get.  This is a battle I’ve fought for many, many years with limited success.

Rain or snow?

English: A train blocked by snowdrifts in Sout...

English: A train blocked by snowdrifts in Southern Minnesota, USA, 1881. Deutsch: ein Zug hat sich im Schnee festgefahren, südlicher Teil Minnesotas, USA, 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you one of those folks who thinks we shouldn’t have any precipitation, other than snow, during the winter months?  Well, we’ve certainly had a mixture so far this winter…had a couple of good snowfalls (if there is such a thing), then temps in the 50s and 60s, now rain….lots of rain…flood level rain.  I needed to go run a few errands after work today, but ended up just going home…that’s how hard it was raining.  And the temps have dropped dramatically from this morning when I went in to work.

Personally, I would much rather have rain than snow…every single day of the year (okay, okay…I like a white Christmas as much as the next person, but then I want it to melt away and warm up)…I don’t like getting cold and the snow is just plain inconvenient.  Yeah, I know…I’d never survive in Minnesota during the winter, but I’m not really planning on trying it either.

Driving home today, I had a thought…can you imagine how much snow we’d have on the ground if all of this rain had come down in the form of snow?  Yikes!!

Bread baking

trio of bread

trio of bread (Photo credit: kidmissile)

First, let me say, I love bread…but not just any old bread.  I like the artisan style breads…homemade breads…breads with some texture.  So you won’t see me buying a loaf of pre-sliced pre-packaged fluffy, spongy white bread…you know, the kind that is so loaded with preservatives that it will keep for a couple of weeks.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate that stuff (see, I can’t even call it bread).

I like the bread made with whole grains and seeds, but have you ever noticed how expensive that kind of bread is?  Well, I have.  That got me thinking about making my own bread.  I used to do that a lot, then working a lot of hours kind of got in the way.  But now I’ve decided to go ahead and start baking bread again.  That decision led me to wondering about bread machines.  I’ve never used one, don’t own one, am not sure that I really want one.  Yes, it would be convenient to be able to just throw the ingredients in and have the machine do all of the work.  But…there again, there’s the cost involved.  So what’s a girl to do?

I’ve looked online at the local “yard sales” on Facebook as well as some of the trader sites…so far nothing.  I’m going to stop at Goodwill one of these days and see if they happen to have one.  See, I’m kind of hesitant to spend much on something that I may not like…so looking to go the cheap route until I’m sure.  So, I guess my question for you all is, do you use a bread machine (if, of course, you bake your own bread) and what kind do you recommend?

Oh…I did bake some bread when I got home from work today.  Corn bread with stone ground cornmeal from Spring Mill State Park in my old home town of Mitchell, Indiana…stop by if you’re in the neighborhood…very cool place to visit.

Two weeks later and still under the weather

English: Hamlin's Wizard Oil, the greatest fam...

English: Hamlin’s Wizard Oil, the greatest family remedy for rheumatism, neuralgia, toothache, headache, diphtheria, sore throat, lame back, sprains, bruises, corns, cramps, colic, diarrhœa and all pain and inflammation. Sold by all druggists. Advertising for turn-of-the-century miracle cure, chromolithograph by Hughes Lithographers, Chicago. Undated, estimated to be from around 1890. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been sick for a little over two weeks now…can you believe that?  It’s not the flu, thank goodness.  That’s some serious stuff this year.  I got a flu shot so hopefully I won’t be dealing with that.  But I did have a terrible cold, coughing so much that my chest was sore.  Still have a raspy voice and sore throat.  Sheesh, I’m over this already…I wish.

I’ve been to the doctor three times now…trying to get plenty of rest (yeah, right) and drink, drink, drink (not what you’re thinking, come on!).  I know I always get run down working such long hours during the Christmas season…happens every year.  I used to get the flu in January or February, then my doctor finally convinced me to start getting a flu shot…I think that’s helped.  Now if they’d just make a cold shot!!  Somebody could make a lot of money with that one!

This is just one more reason I’m looking forward to spring!

Jeopardy online test update

List of Jeopardy! tournaments and events

List of Jeopardy! tournaments and events (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are not going to believe this…I can hardly believe it myself.  I totally forgot about my scheduled test.  Yes, you heard me right.  I just now realized that I’d spaced it.  How disappointing.  What in the world was I doing at that time last night that caused me to forget something that I was so looking forward to?  I don’t really remember.  I guess I was online with a basketball game on in the background.  Stupid basketball…haha!

Anyhow, that’s my update…no show for the test…sheesh!