The long and winding road to fitness, day 77

alirium gardens & fall into decay

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How lucky am I to have a great boss?  He wants to take his next weekend off and, instead of just telling me I was going to have to work it in his place, he’s working my weekend this week!  How cool is that?  He could have been like a lot of other bosses and just scheduled me to work  three weekends in a row, no questions asked.  But no, he decided to do the fair thing and swap weekends with me.  Cool, very cool!

I had a hectic day at work today (like when isn’t  it, right?).  I didn’t accomplish all I thought I could, but in my defense, I did spend almost two hours trying to get one of the new hiring programs to work…phone calls, back on the computer, more phone calls, back on the computer.  At least I was relieved to find out that the problems were with the program and not just that I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I walked 25 minutes today and that was it.  Still having issues with my back although nowhere near as bad as yesterday.  Hopefully a couple of days off work to recuperate will work miracles…or at least a little healing magic.  My eating was decent.  I could have eaten a few more veggies today, but didn’t.  Oops, just realized I left my lunch tote in the fridge at work with my cantaloupe in it.  Oh well, I have more here at home, so that’s what I’ll be snacking on this weekend.

As this weekend off was kind of a surprise for me, I don’t really know what I’ll be doing…trying to fit in a bit more exercise, for sure.   I’ve been thinking about planting some lettuce for a fall crop.  We’ve been having another heat wave but I think it’s supposed to cool off by Monday.  I’m ready for cooler weather. 

 Do you do any fall gardening or are you just tired of it by the end of summer?

Writing daily in August


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I’ve set a goal for myself to write something every day.  It doesn’t have to be earth shattering.  It doesn’t have to be publishable.  However, it does have to happen every day, no excuses.  I’ve been using my blog here at WordPress, daily writing at, and the writing I’m doing for my book. 

I’m pleased to report that I have now completed two entire months, July and August, of daily writing.  On 750words, they ask you to come up with some sort of reward for yourself for writing every day (they also ask that you come up with a “punishment” for not achieving that goal.)  For July, my reward was a new flavored coffee, which I bought for myself and thoroughly enjoyed.  My punishment would have been donating $5 to Sarah Palin’s election fund (like that would ever happen, you can bet I’d force myself to write, even on days that I didn’t feel like it, just to avoid that particular punishment).  For August, my reward was a new, just-for-fun shirt.  For quite some time now, I’ve only purchased work clothes, nothing cute and fun.  After completing my writing on the 31st, I went online and ordered an adorable blue flowered, long-sleeved t-shirt.  Oh yeah, my punishment, had I not written daily, would have been to “like” Michelle Bachman on facebook…hahahahahaha!!  Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that.

So, do you set up a reward and/or punishment system for yourself in regard to your goals?