The long and winding road to fitness, day 83

Spinach mushroom salad

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Okay, I must admit, I’m writing this long before the day has ended.  I found out yesterday afternoon, late in the work day actually, that my schedule was going to change for today and that I was going to have to close tonight.  With all of my sleep woes, I knew I would need to at least attempt to get some sleep tonight and getting home late from work kind of makes that super difficult.  I didn’t want to have to stay up even later trying to write a blog post…a post that probably wouldn’t even make much sense what with me being tired and sleepy. 

So…I’ve already biked and walked this morning…did core strength training.  I’m sure I’ll be extremely active at work today too.  That’s the easy part of my day to report on…the exercise.  The eating?  Well, I ate my usual healthy breakfast, took my vitamins.  I have to figure out what to take for my dinner tonight.  Lunch will be some flaxseed crackers with Laughing Cow cheese and a low-sodium V8…not the best lunch in the world, but not terrible either.  Dinner, I still don’t know…I’ll have to figure something out soon though.  I know I do have some chicken veggie burgers at work, so that’s a possibility along with  a spinach salad and a piece of fruit.  Hmm…that sounds pretty good…quick and easy too!  That’s it…not enough veggies, but still decent.

How do you deal with unexpected changes to your daily schedule?