The long and winding road to fitness, day 85

grilled cheese

Image by Nika via Flickr

Whew!!  Another exhausting day at work.  We went in at 5 am and I left at 4:30 this afternoon.  Going back in at 5 tomorrow.  I’m hoping to be out of there a little earlier tomorrow.  Maybe do a little grocery shopping so I don’t have to go out and do it on my day off… Tuesday.

I really didn’t do much exercise today.  I did do some stretching and range of motion exercises for my shoulder before work. Other than that, all of the exercise I got was at work, running around trying to get an ad set, climbing up and down a ladder, rushing from one end of the store to the other, then turning around to go back where I started.  Tomorrow will likely be filled with more of the same.

Eating?  I don’t know.  Not all that great today, not terrible as far as calories are concerned, but not the healthiest of diets either.  I drank a glass of oj and took my vitamins and supplements before heading out the door.  At some point in time, I ate a lite granola bar.  Lunch was a veggie chicken burger that I had in the freezer in the break room.  Then I ate a small piece of Greg’s peanut butter pie…have I mentioned how much I love peanut butter pie?  Does anyone know of a recipe for a lite version that still tastes good?  Mid-afternoon, I ate a bag of Doritos from the vending machine (I know, I know).  I came home from work starving.  Ended up eating a grilled cheese…haven’t had one of those in a while and it tasted pretty good.  I should have thrown some veggies in a bowl and had a salad, but I was too tired to do much of anything other than the never-ending household chores we all have to do.

Now, if only I can actually go to sleep early tonight, like in about half an hour.  That’s ridiculously early, I know.  But the alarm is set for 3:30 in the morning…or the middle of the night for all of you folks who don’t roll out of bed until 7 or 8 (or even later, Lavon…not to mention any names or anything).  One more day, I just keep telling myself I have one more day before I get a day off…a precious day off!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend, that your team won (mine didn’t), and that you have nothing but pleasant dreams tonight.