BzzAgent a new way to get your invitation

I’ve been a BzzAgent for several months now.  What’s a BzzAgent, you ask?  Well, this is only the leading word of mouth advertising site around…you sign up, become a BzzAgent, and are then invited to take part in campaigns where you receive free products to try and then share your impressions, reviews, likes and dislikes with your friends, family and social networks. 

I’m a blogger, so I blog my reviews, then share them via twitter, Facebook and various other social networking sites.  I also talk about the campaigns I’m fortunate enough to be a part of with my friends and co-workers, often sharing coupons that have been provided for just that purpose.  If I really like something, I want my friends to be able to experience it too.

Well, now rather than waiting to be invited to campaigns, we have the opportunity to say, “Hey, I want in.”  Every day, a new campaign is posted and we can blog about it, talking about why we want in that particular campaign.  Our request is reviewed and (hopefully) gets us an invite to the newest campaigns (fingers crossed).

I’m really excited about this new way of getting involved in more BzzAgent campaigns.  The one I’m talking about today is for the

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender – 200W

This little handy-dandy blender allows you to blend your ingredients right in the bowl (or pan, or pitcher, or glass, or even the clear plastic beaker that comes packaged with the blender).  How cool is this?  It has a 200-watt motor and one-touch control, so it’s a little powerhouse that you hold right in your hand, allowing you to puree soup (I’m thinking squash or sweet potato now that fall has arrived),  mix up light batters, puree fruit for pancake or waffle topping,  any kind of drinks you might be interested in, homemade salad dressing that would be so easy to whip up in a few seconds with this blender, really the list is only limited by your imagination.

And did I mention this is a Cuisinart?  You just can’t get any better than that when you’re looking for new kitchen gizmos.

Cute, sleek, and powerful…heck, if I can’t BE those things, could I at least own a product that IS those things?

7 Responses

  1. I have a very old immersion blender similar to this and it is really the perfect thing for pureeing soups. I especially like it for mushroom soup. I’ll saute the stems and broken pieces first and get them going in the broth. I hold out the pretty mushroom slices and saute them separately.
    When the broth and stems are hot and tender I use my hand blender to puree it all into a smooth soup. Then I’ll add the pretty slices and finish the soup.
    I used the bender in this Mushroom Potato Soup a while back.
    I served it to my son—who says he hates mushrooms—garnished it with a few carrot slices and some Parmesan cheese and he thought it was a great bowl of potato soup. 😉

    • holy moly…that soup sounds fantastic!! If I don’t get in on that campaign and get a free immersion blender, i’m going to have to just buy one.

      • It’s a very handy thing to have.
        Break up tomatoes in sauces or soups, puree almost any soup to hide the veggies your kids won’t eat, make salad dressings, shakes & smoothees… With a stronger motor than mine you can also make mayonnaise, add garlic or lemon or mustard and make your own specialty spreads. I could totally buzz this product.

      • Well…I didn’t get in on that campaign…darn it, but I think I’ll look into getting one of the immersion blenders anyhow…it sounds like a super handy gadget to have, very useful…spreads? do you think you could make like a bean spread/hummus kind of thing with it?

      • Hmmmm… a bean/hummus type thing? Depends on the consistency. I’ve made a bean dip with it. You know at the end of a pot of beans you have really thick liquid & a bunch of broken beans? Before I eat the last serving of good beans I’ve used it to puree it all into a dip. I added salsa to get the flavor I wanted. Mine does best with veggies that are cooked soft. Raw veggies would be better in a regular blender. If you start with liquid & a few beans & gradually add more beans and the seasoning as you go it would work. The best part is the easy clean up! Just unplug it and put it under running water to rinse it off.
        I have seen these at a few estate sales and at the Salvation Army store. Mine is a Braun and has an attachment to use for blending shakes and drinks that don’t need a blade. More recent versions have other attachments and more power and give you more options.
        Mine is in a drawer and I forget I have it sometimes. I’m sure it will mix a lot more than I give it credit for.

  2. I’ve never heard of BzzAgent. Are all the products this nice? I tried a program with crafting supplies, but that bombed.

    • Well, you start off with some smaller things, i think they probably want to make sure you’ll actually follow thru with the buzzing..blogging, posting to facebook and twitter, writing reviews, etc. I’ve received make up, books, cat food (watch for that blog coming soon), household cleaners, etc…I’ve read blogs where people received a Kindle to review (and keep)…I haven’t been that lucky yet, maybe someday.

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