BzzAgent a new way to get your invitation

I’ve been a BzzAgent for several months now.  What’s a BzzAgent, you ask?  Well, this is only the leading word of mouth advertising site around…you sign up, become a BzzAgent, and are then invited to take part in campaigns where you receive free products to try and then share your impressions, reviews, likes and dislikes with your friends, family and social networks. 

I’m a blogger, so I blog my reviews, then share them via twitter, Facebook and various other social networking sites.  I also talk about the campaigns I’m fortunate enough to be a part of with my friends and co-workers, often sharing coupons that have been provided for just that purpose.  If I really like something, I want my friends to be able to experience it too.

Well, now rather than waiting to be invited to campaigns, we have the opportunity to say, “Hey, I want in.”  Every day, a new campaign is posted and we can blog about it, talking about why we want in that particular campaign.  Our request is reviewed and (hopefully) gets us an invite to the newest campaigns (fingers crossed).

I’m really excited about this new way of getting involved in more BzzAgent campaigns.  The one I’m talking about today is for the

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender – 200W

This little handy-dandy blender allows you to blend your ingredients right in the bowl (or pan, or pitcher, or glass, or even the clear plastic beaker that comes packaged with the blender).  How cool is this?  It has a 200-watt motor and one-touch control, so it’s a little powerhouse that you hold right in your hand, allowing you to puree soup (I’m thinking squash or sweet potato now that fall has arrived),  mix up light batters, puree fruit for pancake or waffle topping,  any kind of drinks you might be interested in, homemade salad dressing that would be so easy to whip up in a few seconds with this blender, really the list is only limited by your imagination.

And did I mention this is a Cuisinart?  You just can’t get any better than that when you’re looking for new kitchen gizmos.

Cute, sleek, and powerful…heck, if I can’t BE those things, could I at least own a product that IS those things?

I love old people

Old man

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No, seriously…I’m not being sarcastic here.  I really do like old people.  They’ve lived so long, managed to figure out what matters and what doesn’t, they tell great stories about the good old days, they’ve made it to a place in life where they just don’t care about what other people think of them, they say and do exactly what they want to do…very cool!

Over the past few days at work, I’ve had very pleasant dealings  with several old people.  Now, I’ll admit,  there are times that old folks can be a little irritable, but I figure they’ve earned that right…when I think about how many major changes they’ve had to live through over the course of their lives…whew…who wouldn’t be a little irritable…In the 50’s, women wore dresses and gloves whenever they went out…no sweats or shorts at the grocery store for them.   They teased their hair, always wore makeup and perfume, used handkerchiefs instead of Kleenex.  Comfort wasn’t the reason they did anything…I mean, really…they wore girdles…no comfort there!  And the men wore suits and ties for every little get together…not just weddings and funerals…I’m thinking ties aren’t really a comfort item either.  And tennis shoes, athletic shoes, sneakers?  Birkies?  Flip flops?  You wouldn’t see old people wearing those for anything (well…the Birkies… you might find an old hippie somewhere with a pair of Birkies on…but not your everyday, run of the mill old person).

And think how different food is now…McDonalds?  PapaJohn’s?  Drive throughs?  Eating while driving a car?  (And we won’t even think about texting while driving)  People sat down to dinner together, ate a home cooked meal and actually (gasp) talked about the day.  Can you imagine how older people feel when they see their great grandkids eating fast food two or three times a day?  Or families just grabbing something quick on the way out the door?  It has to be a shock!

Computers, smart phones…facebook and twitter…I had an older woman tell me (just today) that she didn’t have a computer because she just can’t figure them out…so I didn’t even ask if she’d liked our facebook page…hmm…wonder if she would have slapped me for that?

See, I think my grandfather would have enjoyed computers…I think he would have been amazed at how much easier his geneology searches would have been.  And I could see him getting into emailing the family.  Grandma?  Well, not so much.  I really admire older people who take classes to learn about computers (or anything else, for that matter)…having a lifelong desire to learn is something I hope I’m able to maintain.  After all, someday (in the not too distant future) I’ll be that old lady…sans the girdle…not going there…

More Ambience

Okay, for most people, this wouldn’t seem like a bad way to spend the day at work…I had to use the Cricut machine to decorate story boards for our stocking stuffers aisle.  It turned out pretty good, but it took me most of the day to do it…I had to decorate 10 two and a half foot boards, then hang them up to hide the overstock.  It does make it look nice, but I kept thinking about all the things I need to do…but they’ll still be there waiting for me tomorrow.

One of the women started decorating the breakroom…took wide velvet ribbon and used it to wrap the fridge like a present…then put a huge bow on top…pretty cute!

Lost another pound of the four I gained…2 down, 2 to go!  And made it through another day with no soda…actually hadn’t even given it a thought until I sat down to write this blog…cool!!  Got a lot of exercise in today, but all of it in fairly short bursts…10 minutes here, 15 minutes there…but it all counts!!  And didn’t buy a single thing from the vending machine today!!  Ate the lunch and snacks that I’d packed, drank lots of water…good day in that regard.  Now I’m watching Survivor and thinking about going to bed fairly early…gotta do it all again in the morning…well, hopefully not the Cricut stuff…