The long and winding road to fitness, day 73


I’m feeling pretty good tonight considering I worked all day, couldn’t seem to get anything done, went to bed way too late last night (those crazy housewives of New Jersey…why do I watch them?), and ripped my pants this morning at work.  Go ahead, laugh.  I can take it.  I know everyone needs a good chuckle on  a Monday.  I went shopping at lunch…found a couple of pairs of khakis for work, then walked past a clearance rack and saw a black shirt (we have to wear black shirts at work…so attractive).  Upon closer examination, I didn’t notice anything wrong with it, then I looked at the price tag and was thrilled to see it marked down to $7.99!  I snatched that baby right up.  I looked for other shirts appropriate for work, but that was the only one I saw.  Still…$7.99.   I also bought the softest pair of navy blue sweats…you know the temps are going to start dropping soon (not this week though, we’re expecting 90 degree temps for the latter part of the week) and those things are so comfy.  So anyhow, my mood improved with a little retail therapy.  Now if I could just find a truly comfortable pair of work shoes…

I walked for thirty minutes today and that’s it on the exercise front for me.  My eating was decent…ended the day with 1635 calories so right in the range I’m aiming for.  Now if only I can get just a little more sleep tonight, all will be right with my world…for tomorrow anyhow.

My boss is in Dallas for the next few days.  I pondered how to motivate the people to work quickly and efficiently…decided intimidation was out (sorry, Simone), am still considering bribery for truck day, but went with “Let’s make Chris proud of us.  Let’s get all of this work done while he’s in Dallas.  He’ll come back and be so happy and relieved and proud of how hard we worked while he was away.” Believe it or not, it actually worked today.  One of the guys was really gung-ho about completing his tasks…now for tomorrow…

We’ve already discussed the most effective way your boss can motivate you, but how do you motivate yourself?  That’s really where it’s at…if we can motivate ourselves to eat right, exercise, keep the house clean, do our chores, or whatever is important to us, then we’ve already won the battle.

4 Responses

  1. Some part of my life always seems to lack motivation. What’s up with that? I like your motivation image. Do you have to wear a specific type of shoe for work?

    • Yes, our shoes have to be black and, since we’re on our feet most of the day, they need to be comfortable and supportive…not easy to find something that has all of that. I keep looking…have even thought about going to one of the local stores and having a pair specially made…a little pricey!

  2. Dang-it, I was so looking forward to seeing a post on how you’d scared your employees out of their minds. Again, kidding.

    Comfortable shoes at work are vital if you’re on your feet. Can you wear a black athletic shoe or does it have to be a dressier loafer type?

    • Oh, believe me, they’re scared enough of me…I can be a fun person to work with/for…but I do expect a lot out of my people…my people, sounds like I’m some kind of queen or something…I guess it would be “my subjects” then tho, wouldn’t it?

      Well, we (store manager and assistant manager) are supposed to wear the dressier type of shoes altho we do tend to fudge on that a little…heck, we’re the ones working 10+ hours a day…I hate to admit it, but I wore my running shoes today…shh…don’t tell anyone.

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