The long and winding road to fitness, day 70

hawaiian sweet bread 2

Wow!!  Day 70!  I wish I had something really earth shattering to report about my day today, but it was just another hectic day at work.  I had oj and vitamins for breakfast, running short on time.  Then I had a peanut butter cookie for a morning snack at about 10:30ish.  My boss was supposed to bring me lunch, but he forgot, so I ended up eating a handful of potato chips while on a conference call (I had it on mute, can you imagine listening to someone crunching chips while you were trying to pay attention to the district manager?).  I had fish and Hawaiian bread for dinner.  Yikes, when I write it down it’s obvious how truly non-nutritious this day was.

I did walk for 35 minutes and did lower body strength training…and that’s it for the exercise for the day.  I woke up tired from my 11-hour day on Thursday and just got more tired as the day went on.  Thank goodness I have the weekend off.  Of course, next week will be crazy.  My boss is going to Dallas for meetings and my goal is to get everything completely done before he gets back.  So, any suggestions on how to motivate my people to work harder than they’ve ever worked?  I’m thinking of bribery…maybe a pizza party on the following truck day.  I’m also thinking about encouraging them by telling them how proud Chris would be to come back and see how hard they all worked.  What do you think?

Pets are people too

Oh, I know,  a lot of you will argue that point with me.  And technically, pets aren’t people.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t love them and want to make them happy.  And yes, you can make your pets happy.  When I hear people say that animals don’t experience emotions, I just want to shake them and yell, “Are you kidding me?  Have you ever seen an animal so scared that it’s just shaking?  Or so excited to see you that it’s jumping with joy, hugging you and giving you sloppy kisses?  Or depressed because its person or best animal friend has died?” 

I know I enjoy watching Spooky run around the house all happy and excited because I’ve come home…maybe she can’t smile with her mouth, but she definitely smiles with her actions.  Then there are the times she’ll come up out of a deep sleep, tense and growling…yes, growling.  Invariably, when I get up to see what’s wrong, there’s someone outside.  I don’t know if she senses danger or if she just doesn’t like strangers running around.  Whatever, she’s my little security system.

Then there are the infrequent occasions when I’m upset and crying…she’s right there with me, whimpering sympathetically and cuddling as close to me as she can.  I honestly believe she understands that I’m upset and wants to offer me what comfort she can.

I remember a college professor telling us that animals don’t have personalities.  When some of the students argued with him, asking him if he’d ever had a pet, he said that he had not, but that he’d been around plenty of lab animals…What?  How can you judge the personality of a cherished pet by observing an animal that is held captive and tortured?

Anyhow, I have had plenty of pets over the years.  They’ve all had very distinct personalities and I wouldn’t believe anyone who tried to tell me that I was mistaken about that.

I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I think Spook was simply trying to torment Goldi…