On blueberry muffin hill

Blueberry muffins…yum!  Who doesn’t like a good moist blueberry muffin?  But don’t most of us also want something that’s at least somewhat healthy?  I try to make my muffins from scratch using whole grains and fresh fruit, but when time is short (or I’m feeling kind of lazy) I’ll resort to the boxed muffin mixes.  Fortunately I found this…

Is it as good for me as what I would make using one of my healthier recipes?  Mmm…no.  Is it better for me than something sweet and sugary from the vending machine?  You bet it is.

These muffins, baked according to the package directions, still have 210 calories per muffin.   I make them smaller by making 18 instead of 12 and that reduces the calories to 140 apiece.  This is just one more indication that what we now consider to be a serving size is much larger than it was in the past.  So I still get to enjoy a freshly baked muffin without going overboard on calories.

Can I make a lower calorie, healthier-for-me muffin?  Yes, I can.  But there are times in life where we make trade-offs, this is one of those times…calories for convenience.  I don’t do this all the time, but it’s nice to know I have the option.  Now I have a good supply of muffins in the freezer.  I can pull one out in the morning, put it in my lunch bag and it’ll be thawed and ready to eat for my morning or afternoon snack.  If that can keep me from putting that dollar in the vending machine, I think it’s worth it. 

6 Responses

  1. Gotta love the convenience. I read the other day that most of the “blueberries” in cereals and baking mixes aren’t really blueberries at all!

    • I think these are real ones, they’re in a can, you have to drain and rinse them…it says real wild Maine blueberries…they wouldn’t lie, would they? ha

  2. I haven’t adjusted serving sizes too much, but yours with muffins is a great idea.

    • I don’t even know where i came up with the idea…but really, I think the size of muffin you get by making 18 instead of 12 is closer to what the serving size was when I was a kid…

  3. Its a good strategy to make them smaller to cut back on calories. You could also try adding some benefiber to the mix which will up the fiber content and make you feel fuller longer. I use to do that on mixes with higher calories to lower the WW points 😉

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