The long and winding road to fitness, day 46

Serving size

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A day off work…very nice.  I had to go back to the eye doctor…come on…I’m getting more than a little tired of this…one more trip to pick up the contacts that they had to order (should have just ordered them online…oh well), then I hope I don’t have to go back for a year.

After the visit with the eye doctor, I stopped at Kroger.  I really did need to do some grocery shopping after skipping it Saturday.  Once again, I spent a little more than I wanted to, but did buy a lot of fruit and veggies, more dark chocolate almond milk, cheese, bread, black beans, fish, frozen fruit bars, flatbread for pizza, a new coffee (that was my reward for writing every day in July) and creamer.  I’m going to take the coffee to work tomorrow and drink it iced.  Something new for me.

I also bought a bag of PopChips.  I think I’m going to have to stop buying those for now.  Over the course of the day, I ended up eating four servings…not disastrous, but not good either.  So I think they’ll just have to be off-limits for a while.  That usually works for me.  For some reason, there are certain foods that I have trouble just eating a single serving of…apparently PopChips are one of them.

One positive thing about my shopping trip, there were several products that I thought about buying until I read the nutrition label and saw either how many calories or how much sodium per serving.  Before I would have just tossed them in the cart and worried about it (or not) later.  Progress in baby steps…

I walked for 40 minutes today, intended to do more, but got wrapped up in other things.  Tomorrow is truck day at work, so that means a day long workout for me (and everyone else).  We’re going in early, so I’m sure I won’t get up early enough to work out before I go.  I suppose working the truck will have to suffice as a workout tomorrow. 

Do you read nutrition labels when you shop?  Does it influence whether or not you’ll purchase a product?

Your smallest actions can bring joy to others

toddler learning to walk

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Sometimes the very simplest things we do can bring great joy to others.  I think it’s often unintentional on our part, but that makes it all the more special.  I checked my emails this morning and had a Facebook message from my step sister about the father’s day blog I had written about her dad (my step dad).  Here’s what she said:


Kathy 5:28pm Aug 2
just wanted you to know that dad asked me to punch holes in the printout of your blog about Father’s day so he could keep it in a book. Is there any way you could copy and paste it to my email address so I can enlarge it? I left the copy at his house and he told me that he had read it again……said it took him forever, but that’s how much he enjoyed it!!……it’s almost impossible for him to read anything. Thanks again for all your kind words.

I was so touched by this.  My simple little blog brought joy to this very special man…a man who has brought so much joy to all of those who love him.  All I was trying to do was express my love and gratitude for all that Herald had done for us.  He managed to turn that around and bring joy to me with his simple request.  Funny how life works that way, isn’t it?