The long and winding road to fitness, day 58

alarm clocks kill dreams

Wow…58 days.  And today was a good one.  I ate a lot of fruit and veggies today, took my lunch and snacks to work, had fish and corn on the cob for dinner..yum!  And work was fine…I was a little tired…had my alarm set for 3:50 am (had to be at work at 5 am), woke up about 8 minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  I decided to just go ahead,  get up and start getting ready…I walked back into the bedroom when I was just about ready to go…looked at the clock and realized I’d gotten out of bed at 2:42 rather than 3:42…what?  I could have slept for another hour?  Oh well…

I walked today for 35 minutes and that was the extent of my exercise…I want to get back to doing more, just have to get a routine going again.  I ate a little over 1600 calories for the day, so that’s good.  I’m a little disappointed to have only lost 13 pounds in 58 days…tells me I’m not really working hard enough at this…too many days of eating more than I should and exercising less than I should.  But  I have stuck with it for 58 days, so that has to count for something, not sure what, but something.

So how did your weekend go?  Are you planning any last of summer get togethers?

Stage collapses at Indiana State Fair

Wow…I just read this online this morning…a storm blew through Indianapolis (I heard it come through here too) last night right before Sugarland was to take the stage at the state fair.  Apparently a gust of wind caused the rigging for the stage lighting to collapse, trapping hundreds of people.  Thank goodness for the fans and emergency personnel who rushed in to help rescue those trapped by the debris.  Even so, as of this morning, four people are confirmed dead and at least 40 were injured.  So sad.  Watch the video on the link below…I think you’ll agree, it would have been a terrifying experience.