The long and winding road to fitness, day 64

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Another good day today.  At least I finally managed to get more than a few hours of sleep, right at seven hours last night.  I’m aiming for the same tonight.  That makes the entire day better.

I ate well today…finished the day just under 1700 calories, walked for 35 minutes, plus lots of action at work.  I didn’t realize, until I was already home, that I ate exactly what I’d planned to eat all day.  No vending machine stuff, no candy…yea me!!

I ate that Asian pear today.  Sorry to say, that fruit isn’t making it on to my favorite fruits and veggies list…it was okay, but that’s about it.  Kind of mild tasting like all pears I’ve ever eaten.  It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either.  Give me a slice of melon or a juicy ripe peach any day.  But at least I tried something new.  Maybe I’ll go for a new veggie next week, since that seems to be what I have the most trouble eating adequate amounts of.  Any suggestions?  What I should probably really plan to do is try out some new recipes for veggies…something to look into, right?

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  1. I loved this post!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I just started a running program, and it’s so hard!!! Thank goodness for my “group” of beginner runners. Going with them is motivating. Now, if I could only stick to what I plan to eat like you did. Inspiring! You’re not alone!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words…running becomes addictive after a while….it’s just getting to that place that is difficult…you’ll get there. And it’s great that you have a group of friends to run with…that has to help!

  2. I love fresh veggies but the selection where I live is utterly pathetic and not fresh. Nobody was able to raise much of a garden this year, so…if I had a bag of those fresh snow peas right now I’d eat the whole thing.

    Since I didn’t have an Asian pear, I had to resort to canned pears. I’m with you. They’re ok.

    • My garden wasn’t the best this year either…plenty of peppers and zucchini, but my tomatoes aren’t doing all that well…just a few here and there…darn it!

  3. Yay! for a great day. Thanks for the Asian pear review. I’m visiting my daughter this weekend, hope to get caught up with everyone soon.

    • I hope you’ve had a nice visit with your daughter…does she live a good distance away?

      • Thanks, we had a nice visit with them. Her hubby was away for the weekend. They’re about 160 miles from us, 2.5 hour drive on a good day. It took 4 hrs. to get there Saturday a.m. (We normally travel late evening, after rush hour). We have to cross water to get out of our area, one of the tunnels had heavy traffic and a 6+ mile back up. We opted to change our route and headed for a different tunnel, but it had an accident and traffic was blocked there. So, we regrouped and took Plan C, a bridge. Lately, we’ve been skipping the interstate and taking the scenic route.

      • Oh my, the traffic issues sound nightmarish…I like taking the scenic routes myself…it may take you longer (or not), but it’s usually more peaceful and, well, scenic. I’m glad you had a nice visit. I’m sure she enjoyed having you there for the weekend.

  4. Here are a few things I do to get in more veggies:
    – Add a mashed up avocado to my salsa (YUM!)
    – Add broccoli slaw to my salad or use it in place of pasta
    – Add spinach to my smoothies

    • I do add spinach to smoothies and use broccoli slaw a lot. I don’t buy avocado very often, but I do like it. I also will make an omelette with a ton of veggies…or a frittata…yum!!

  5. asian pears are not high on my list either. 😦 as far as extra fruit and veggie ideas, I would google what ever you know is in season (or on sale) near you to get some ideas on things that sound tasty for you. I will also word search the veggie on sites I get recipes from like to find ideas.

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