Why was it raining inside Assembly Hall?

Hoop Dreams

Image by santanartist via Flickr

That might well have been the question some people were asking a few years ago when I went to an Indiana University basketball game at Assembly Hall with a group of my friends.  Who among my group of friends was present?  I can’t really remember for sure, but I think Cheryl and I went with a group of our guy friends…I’m pretty sure James and Mike were there, and maybe Johnny.  Did Kevin and/or Cindy accompany us? How about Tom?  I’m just not sure.  In my defense, it has been more than 20 years ago…whoa!!  Can that be right?  We must have all been children at the time…

Anyhow…our seats weren’t the worst seats we’d ever had, but definitely not the best either.  Believe me, there were times when we had some pretty awesome seats (and some pretty awful seats at times too).  This time our seats were in the first row of the balcony at about center court.  The balcony at Assembly Hall has a wall ledge like thing going on.  Perfect for leaning on while watching the action on the court.  Also handy for setting your drinks right there in front of you.  Well…until some crazy action on the court causes everyone to jump from their seats while wildly swinging their arms…ah yes, you’ve figured it out.  One of the guys knocked his drink over the edge of the balcony.  Oops!  We all just kind of slunk back into our seats, none of us dared look to see who had been doused with Coke or how angry they were.  I sure hope it wasn’t the lady who always wears her fur coat to the games;>

So the next time you go to a basketball game at Assembly Hall, take the time to look around.  Are you in the line of fire of falling, sloshing, spilling Coke?  Maybe that’s why you see so many people wearing those caps at the ball games…

4 Responses

  1. I’ve never been to Assembly Hall, but I’ve been to a lot of hockey games where they have the same kind of set up. You give some good advice about wearing ball caps. I might add not to set drinks on the ledge in case of thirst later.

    • Well…yes…the not setting drinks on the ledge should be a given, except in the case of my friends…I don’t think we thought much about being thirsty…just didn’t want some big guy coming up and throwing us over the ledge because we ruined his wife’s fancy do…

  2. Imagining being on the receiving end of that!

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