Writing exercises

English: Book and apparatus for writing. Engra...

English: Book and apparatus for writing. Engraving (prints). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve dabbled in utilizing writing exercises and prompts, but have never been able to do either on a regular basis.  I guess I get bored or feel like I want to write what I want when I want (sheesh…sounds like I’m three years old, doesn’t it?).  But I’m giving it another go for the next couple of weeks as a way to “train” for next month’s NaNoWriMo marathon.

I’ve already got my characters fleshed out, the plot of my novel worked out.  All I need to do is sit down and write…and write…and write.  For an entire month.  I thought I’d spend a little time learning a little more about writing, you know, improving my skills a little more before I jump back into the pool.  I don’t know who said that you learn to write by writing, but I believe that’s one of the truest statements I’ve heard.  So I’m going to write in ways that aren’t quite as comfortable for me as my normal methods…you know, stretch myself just a bit.

Then I’ll spend all of November writing like a mad woman…I can’t wait!

Tech vacation

Take a Vacation!

Take a Vacation! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case anyone was wondering, I’ve been on a vacation of sorts.  Still going in to my paying job every day, but decided to take a few days away from writing after the big NaNo month of June.  Managed to get a little more sleep over the past few nights, so that’s a plus.

I think I’m now ready to start writing regularly again…expanding on the book I started last month.  And I intend to go back over what I wrote and revise it…and then revise it some more.  I love writing, but a few days away did me a lot of good.  Maybe that’s something to consider in the future…write like I’m demon possessed for a month, then take a few days off…

So have any of you actually taken the step to have the book you wrote (or started) during NaNo published?  Any thoughts or tips on that?  I have quite a bit of work to do on it before it’s ready to be published, but it’s never too soon to learn all the ins and outs of publishing, is it?