Twas the Saturday before Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving Day Greetings

Thanksgiving Day Greetings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and day 17 of NaNoWriMo.  And what a wild day it was.  We went in to work at 6 this morning.  Yes, that was kind of like sleeping in for me.  We got quite a bit done before opening, then it was nuts from the get-go (now where does that phrase come from?  Guess I’ll have to google that one.).  The good news is, I didn’t fall off of any ladders today!

After not writing at all yesterday, I knew I was going to have to spend a little time at it tonight.  I’m not sure I managed to write anything worthwhile…no, let me change that.  I’m pretty sure everything I wrote tonight was crap (that one’s for you, Simone).  Seemed like I was just going through the motions to add to my word count…and that’s not cool.

I’m so glad I had those few days of intense writing when I was able to get ahead on the word count, because I know, for the next week, it’s going to be difficult to find much time to devote to it.  But hey, that’s why I tried to jump out fast.  I knew what the month would be like.  I mean, after all, this isn’t my first rodeo.

NaNo, day 15…here I thought I was too tired to write

Tired kitty

Yep, that’s pretty much how I feel…worn out and ready for bed.  Worked another 13 hour day today, trained three new hires, hired an art instructor and another replenishment associate…oh yeah…and fell off of a ladder.  That’s right.  You know, when you’re on a ladder you should really pay attention to how many steps off the floor you are.  When you’re more than one step from the floor and you don’t realize it, well, unpleasant things tend to happen…like you (I) fall  and almost pull the ladder over on top of you.  Bruised ego, but that’s about it.  At least we weren’t open yet, so no one saw my mishap. I sat down to write, thinking I’d try to write around 500 words.  I ended up with a little over 1600, so I guess my brain must still be functioning (I know, I know…that’s debatable).  Now to get to bed and hope I don’t wake up in the morning too stiff to move!!

NaNo, day 13…making deals

Books to be returned...

Books to be returned… (Photo credit: hashmil)

Whew…I worked 13 hours today…talk about tired!!  But I’ve got all the plans for next week set in place, schedule made and published, and what needs to be completed this week listed for the replenishment manager.  And I have tomorrow off…thank goodness!  Now we’re in our six-day work week time of the year…sigh…but it all goes by so quickly…it’ll be 2013 before we know it.

Now to the making deals part…I just couldn’t make myself write tonight…my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier even as I sit here writing.  So, I made a deal with myself.  Even though I have a lot to do tomorrow…you know how it is when you get a day off and you have to run errands and clean house (oh yeah, and try to sleep in), the deal I made with myself is that, since I’m too tired  and sleepy to write tonight, I’ll skip writing tonight and sit down to three writing sessions tomorrow…I didn’t make any rules about how long each session has to be, you know how, often once you get started, you manage to write more than you thought you could.  That’s what I’m counting on anyhow.

So now, since Dancing With the Stars is over, I’m heading up the stairs and climbing between the sheets…come on,  Spook, let’s go!

Perfect autumn day and day 11 of NaNo

English: Bow Bridge over The Lake in Central P...

English: Bow Bridge over The Lake in Central Park on Thanksgiving Day 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was almost 60 degrees when I left for work this morning (oh, at around 5:30 this morning), not too bad for less than two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Other than it being pretty windy today, it was a gorgeous fall day.  Of course, I was at work all day, but I still made it outside a few times to check things out.  I don’t want to talk about tomorrow though, a drop of about 30 degrees and possible snow in the evening…what?  I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

Work flew by today, couldn’t believe how fast the day went.  After I finished setting the ad and had started on some other projects, I got a call from my boss (hmm…do I still call him that while he’s gone to another store and I’m acting manager at our store?  Not sure about the protocol for that.)  Anyhow…he told me that the district manager had just left his store and was on his way down to visit us!  Yikes!!  I’d have never figured that one since we just saw him on Thursday…It’s pretty good to have friends in the know, isn’t it?  So we had a good visit with the DM, got a good score on the visit, and lots and lots of customers in the store.

When I sat down to write my story for NaNo, I knew where the story was going.  This was a scene I’d been thinking about for quite some time.  So, in some ways, it was easier to write…you know, I didn’t have to think it through, didn’t have to wonder what was going to happen.  But I was surprised at how difficult it was to write.  I guess I’m emotionally invested in this one, I sure didn’t want that little boy to go through what he was getting ready to face…but…I got it going and faced my emotions.  I’m probably about a third of the way through this scene right now and I don’t think it will get any easier to write…I’ve kind of got that fluttery, uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach about what the kid is going to have to deal with.  I just keep telling myself this is all going to make him into the man he’ll become.  So, we’ll see how tomorrow’s writing goes.

I did manage to pound out another 2047 words today, not going to complain about that.  Now if I can get this crazy kitten to stop jumping up on my while I’m trying to write.  And I’ve got a question for anyone who’s writing a lot (NaNo or other writing), anyone else have an eye twitch?  Mine’s driving me crazy!

Two weeks before Thanksgiving and NaNo, day 8

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 (Photo credit: thisreidwrites)

Can you believe it?  It’s only two weeks until Thanksgiving!  I don’t know how in the world that happened…it’s crazy!  Are you ready to get together with family and friends?  Going to have a nice meal with your loved ones?  Going to do some early shopping?

I’ll have the dinner, then I’ll have to go to work, seriously.  I put a sign up sheet in the break room to try to get some volunteers to work that evening.  So far I have a few people who’ve been good enough to sign up, but I need more.  Oh my…I know no one wants to have to work on a holiday, I sure don’t.  But…we know it comes with the territory when we take the job…wish me luck getting enough folks to work so I don’t have to draft them…

Had a good visit from the district manager today.  He scored me higher than I probably would have, but I’ll take it.  He really is a pretty good guy…wants us to succeed and run good stores and is willing to help us in whatever way he can.

And writing?  Well, that went fairly well tonight.  I thought I was done for the night then, when I checked my word count, I decided I could probably manage another 200 or so words to break the 20,000 word mark.  Unfortunately, no giggles or tears with my story tonight.  But it did come fairly quickly…not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

I hear my bed calling me tonight.  At least I have the day off work tomorrow, don’t have to hear that alarm in the morning (or middle of the night, if you will).  I’ve got a few errands to run.  Need to get the oil changed in the car tomorrow and get it ready for winter (had frozen fog on the windows this morning…that was nuts).  And maybe I’ll manage to get a nap in…ahh…


NaNo, day 4. Really? Only 4 days so far?

Somehow it seems like so many more days than a measly little four days.  But I did manage to hit my goal of a word count total of over 15,000 before the end of the day today.  I didn’t beat it by much, but that’s not the point.  The point is, I set a goal and worked toward it…and worked….and worked.

Where yesterday’s writing was quick and easy, today’s was more of a struggle.  At least the first writing session of the day was a struggle.  When I sat down for the second session, something clicked.  I kind of changed the narrator’s tone and was off and running.  I was able to stop in a good place…a place that will be easy to pick up and head off from tomorrow…you know, after an exhausting 12 hour workday.

For all of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo this month, I hope you have at least a few of those quick and easy days, when the words flow through your fingertips, and your characters take over the story…at least for a while.

nanowrimo, day 13 goal

nanowrimo, day 13 goal (Photo credit: paloetic)


NaNo, day 3…huge success!

This is about me!

After not writing at all last night, I knew I really needed to hit it hard today.  I planned to sit down for at least four writing sessions…ended up doing five.  Started the day with 1788 words and ended it with (drum roll, please) 10,103 words.  I can hardly believe it myself!

This was one of those days when it flowed…quickly and easily.  There were times when the characters caused me to have a lump in my throat and then there were times when they had me laughing out loud.  Why is it that there are days when those characters want to come out and play and other days when you can’t find them any where?  But I guess that’s part of the struggle to bring a book to life, isn’t it?

I’ve set a goal to hit 15,000 words by the end of the day tomorrow.  I think that should be doable.  See, I really wanted to get a good start this month since I’m pretty sure my 11 and 12+ hour workdays will catch up with me later in the month.  After next week, I’ll have to start working six days a week, so you can see my concern, right?  I’m determined to do this, in spite of how much time I have to spend at my paying job.  It won’t be easy, and I know the thrill will wear off as the month progresses, but I will do it!!  Are you in?

NaNo, day 2, does it count if you don’t write?

Pen to Paper

Pen to Paper (Photo credit: Orin Zebest)

It probably doesn’t, does it?  Count, that is.

You see, it’s like this…I went in to work at six this morning to try to get a little done before we got crazy busy.  It was another one of those non-stop days.  Then, on top of all of the tasks I was trying to accomplish, the district manager showed up.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, he’s a pretty good guy.  We talked a little about some of the things I could do to make my job a little easier.  He had some good advice, so that’s a good thing.

Anyhow, I found myself moseying out of the joint around 6:30 this evening…tired and hungry.  I fully intended to write tonight, but have changed my mind.  I’m having trouble focusing and would be afraid to read anything I might write tonight.  So…early to bed…sleep in (no alarm blaring…yes!), then sit down for 3 or 4 writing sessions tomorrow.

Not writing tonight puts my official word count at 1788…goal to be over 10,000 by the end of the day on Sunday.

Writing…back in the swing of things

nano tip 2

nano tip 2 (Photo credit: nuanc)

What is it about having a deadline that gets me back on track?  Why can’t I be one of those folks who just manage to carve out time each day to sit down and write…who don’t allow the distractions to…well…to distract them?

With the start of National Novel Writing Month fast approaching, I’ve become more consistent with my writing.  That’s what I was hoping to accomplish in the month  of October in preparation for NaNo.  I think I’m pretty well there. I’ll soon have more blog posts in the month of October than in the previous three months combined…yow!

After finishing my first Camp NaNo this summer, I thought I’d be able to sit down and write another 50,000 words the next month…didn’t happen.  I didn’t have that deadline staring at me, taunting me, ready to laugh at me should I fail.  What’s up with that?  Why couldn’t I impose and adhere to my own deadline?  I need to figure this out at some point in time…just not right now when I’m ready to embark on another month of frantic writing.  Finish that, then try to decipher the nuttiness rattling around in my head.  Try to figure out how to consistently motivate myself in my writing as well as my weight loss (yes, yes…I’m still trying to lose weight…blah!).

But…and this is huge…right now I’m going to stay focused on writing.  Pound those words out and get a rough draft of my next novel completed.  Then work on revision, don’t just set it aside and let it gather dust.  Can’t begin to tell you how much I want to be able to say I’m a published author…like  all the rest of you writers out there don’t understand what I’m saying.  I know you do!

My NaNo planno

Eleven more days to go before NaNo starts…November 1.  Yes, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also just a little nervous about tackling this whole writing 50,000 words thing in November.  I work in retail and this is the craziest, busiest, most stressful time of the year for us.  So…am I nuts for attempting this at this time?  I guess we’ll find out over the course of the next five weeks or so.

Someone asked me yesterday what kinds of plans I’ve devised to accomplish my writing goal.  One of the things I did during the month I completed Camp NaNo (June of this year) was to tackle the writing right away…get in extra words in the beginning.  That was a huge help as, of course, there were days when I didn’t manage to hit the minimum on the word count.  So I’m definitely going to do that at the beginning of next month.

I’m also going to do a super-duper thorough housecleaning right before I start the challenge so I can keep the house straightened up with just the basics…you know…laundry, dishes, cat litter and then some cleaning on my days off from work.  I’m not going to spend any time during November worrying about keeping the house spotless (oh wait…I don’t spend much time worrying about that anyhow…).

Another thing I’m going to do is prepare a few freezer meals so I can eat healthy without having to put a lot of thought into it.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking when I could be writing, but I definitely don’t want to be eating fast food either.

I think the main thing I’m going to do is simply enjoy the process.  I really loved doing all of that writing in June and actually found it to be relaxing rather than stressful.  I also enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment seeing that word count increase every day…looking forward to that again.  Oh yeah, and getting a book started was pretty cool too!