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I’ve got Jeopardy on in the background right now…for some reason, it brought to mind all of the times a group of us would watch it (and of course, challenge one another with our knowledge) when I had my pizza place…on the little bitty tv that sat on top of a refrigerator…we didn’t care.  We just enjoyed being together and seeing who knew the most about that day’s trivia questions.

I was pretty good at it…but there was one guy (hey, Seth) who was definitely good enough to make an appearance on the show.  Come to think of it, he could still do that.  Wouldn’t that be something?  We’d have to somehow get the old group together to cheer him on.

Do you have any fond memories of spending time with your old friends?  Do you all still keep in touch?  And are you a Jeopardy fanatic?

When did all the doctors become Doogie Howsers?

Doogie Howser, M.D.

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I went to a new eye doctor today.  She was very personable, listened when I said I liked to wear just one contact to adjust for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, didn’t jump all over me because I waited so long to schedule a visit.  Overall, I really liked her.  The only thing is…she’s so darn young!  I’ve been noticing this alarming trend in the medical profession in which children are now the doctors who treat us..what’s going on?  Remember the show, Doogie Howser?  Well, we seem to be living that show now.  Child doctors all over the place. 

But, when you take the time to think about it, do we really want to see doctors who are older than we are (presuming you’re in the same general age bracket I’m in…)?  I think I’d rather see a doctor who is up with all the latest in medicine, who has a sharp, young mind, who isn’t thinking about retirement.  No offense to the older docs.  I understand there’s something to be said for wisdom and experience, but I think I’ll opt for a doctor who isn’t set in her ways so much that she can’t accept progress.  I may as well opt for that, since that seems to be all that’s out there now anyhow.

These are (still) the days of our lives

Days of our Lives

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Talk about a walk down memory lane…I just watched Days of Our Lives.  This is a show I watched many, many years ago with my mother.  I was never able to watch it every day, but that didn’t really matter because it takes forever for the story line to play out.  Missing a day (or two…or ten) didn’t mean you couldn’t keep up on the story.  Mom really enjoyed the show (soap opera, if you will) and we’d talk about what had happened if I had to miss it.  Good times…

I’m totally amazed at how many of the same characters, portrayed by the same actors, are still on the show.  Maybe they were smart enough to know they had a good gig…Mom would have enjoyed seeing that Bo and Hope are still in Salem.  But whatever happened to Marlena and John?  Does anyone out there know?  Oh no…am I falling back into the addiction of Days???