The long and winding road to fitness, day 68

Root Beer Float

Image by babe_kl via Flickr

Oh, I felt so much better today…wasn’t in all that pain like I was yesterday, so right there my day was better…I worked just my regular 9.5 hours today…can’t remember the last time I’ve gone in at 7:30…what a treat!

Tomorrow, at work, we’re having a combination birthday celebration/farewell party.  I don’t know what everyone is bringing, but I do know that Donna is bringing her world-famous cookies…everyone loves those cookies!!  I stopped at Kroger after work and bought bread and buns for sandwiches (I couldn’t believe one of the guys is baking a ham), Coke, root beer and vanilla ice cream for floats.  I’ve been meaning to do that all summer and decided tomorrow would be the perfect day to finally get it done.  You do realize that summer is almost over, right?  Anyhow, I’m figuring my food intake for tomorrow will very likely not be the healthiest…I’m going to try to only have a little of just the things that I really love…kind of like Thanksgiving.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my calories under 2000 for the day.

Today I ended up with a little over 1650 calories for the day.  I didn’t eat breakfast because I kind of slept a little later than I should have.  I just had oj and vitamins.  The thing is, I know all the experts say you should always eat breakfast, but I seem to get hungrier when I do eat breakfast…am I just weird or is this something others experience too?  Hmm…additional research may be necessary in this area…and maybe I’ll be the lab rat.  Ooh…that reminds me, I took college classes where we had to do experiments on lab animals…I hated that…really, is this something that is vital to learning?  We take a lot of what we study in school at face value, why do we have to conduct experiments on innocent animals to learn what’s already in the textbooks?  Just sayin’…

I walked for 35 minutes today, that’s it on cardio.  I’ve still got to do some lower body strength training after I finish here and do the dishes…I’ve always liked doing strength training and never liked doing dishes…so I reward myself with the one for doing the other…does that make any kind of sense at all?

What exercise do you like/enjoy?  Is there any that you just hate and force yourself to do anyhow?