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English: Author: Bill Wight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t get it out of my mind.  I’m constantly researching tiny homes and RV living.  I’m in the mood to get rid of most of my “stuff” and live a simpler life.  Of course, I still absolutely must have internet access…TV?  Don’t really care about that (well, if I can manage to find a way to watch my Indiana Hoosiers play online).

I’ve been looking at some of those teeny tiny homes that can even be built on wheels so you can just get up and go whenever you feel like it (even saw one with a kitty cage so your cats can enjoy the outdoors…no, no…not when you’re driving down the highway!  What?!  You would dare to compare me to the Romney family?)  They’re built with a lot of compact storage space, using every inch.  And they have the look of home…nice wood, you can decorate however you like.   But…and you had to know there would be a but, didn’t you?  But, they’re awfully expensive for such a tiny abode…seriously, I could buy an old, small home in my former hometown for the cost of some of these little houses.

So then I start looking at tiny motorhomes.  Granted, they look like motorhomes…and they’re not insulated all that well.  Of course, if I went south for the winter and north for the summer, how much would that really matter?  I’ve seen some on pinterest that have been done up mighty cute…I can imagine myself making little curtains for the little windows and matching cushions for the seating.  Just think about being able to mosey on down the road, taking your home with you, seeing the sights, visiting friends all over the place.  I could spend my mornings writing, then travel if I felt like it.   Or I could stay put for a while if that happened to appeal to me.

Of course, I still have a few more years to work…but it’s never too early to start thinking about the next exciting phase of your life, right?  What’s that?  I hear the soft swooshing of tires along a back country road calling my name…I’m coming…I’m coming!

Tiny homes

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit this, I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  Usually I pin things to my food boards, or IU basketball, or gardening…but one thing I’ve been seeing a lot of pins about lately have been these itty bitty teeny tiny homes.  They’re so darn cute and mega affordable.  With just me and the cats, how much room do I really need?  I’m thinking perfect retirement home back in the area where I grew up and where so many of my good friends still live.

Of course, you can build your own for even less, but that wouldn’t be practical for me.  Surprisingly, there are numerous companies  that build them for you for not much of anything.  Who knew that people all over the country make a living building tiny homes?

There’s one here in Bloomington that I drive by every once in a while.  I’ve always thought it was absolutely adorable, complete with fenced in yard and flowers and vegetables.  If I’m remembering correctly, it also has solar panels.  Maybe I’ll see if I can find out who built it…

I’ve been thinking about moving to a smaller place for a while now (I live in a townhouse).  As much pain as I’m in all the time now, I’m finding it more of a burden to have all this extra room.  Extra room means more stuff and more cleaning.   It would be nice to pare down, to get rid of a lot of things that are just taking up space.  Funny as it seems, I think I’d have more space in a tiny home simply because I’d get rid of so much stuff.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep pinning anything that catches my eye and dream…

Money management

Credit Cards

Credit Cards (Photo credit: 401K)

I’ve got Suze Orman’s show on in the background, halfway listening to her scolding people for their lack of money management skills.  To give her credit, she also tells them what they need to do to work their way out of whatever mess they’ve made for themselves.   Anyhow, it reminded me of my money mismanagement (lack of) skills when I was younger.

I was on my own, had decent credit, credit cards, my own small business…for someone without knowledge of how to manage your money this was a recipe for disaster.  I bought whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.  Ended up with some serious credit card debt…yikes!

Over the past decade or so, I’ve paid off bills, managed to save money for emergencies as well as retirement, and most importantly, learned to question myself before making purchases.  Do I really need this?  Is this something that I love?  Will I use this?  Most of the time, the answer to all of those questions is “no”. Oh yeah, and one of the most important questions I now ask myself is, “Can I afford this?”.

I think one of the things that really helped me find my way out of recreational shopping was when I finally realized that I often bought things that I never used, that I ended up giving away a few months later.  Wow…what an eye-opener.  I bought things because they were on sale, I got a good deal, or whatever other excuse there was.  Once I stopped doing that, I was able to easily save money.

You know what?  It feels good to have my finances under control, to watch my savings grow, and to realize that I’m not a slave to consumerism.  Does this mean I’ve finally grown up?

Early morning solitude


Image by me'nthedogs via Flickr

I’m sitting here right now listening to the crickets.  It’s such a soothing sound.  See, I usually miss that in the morning because I turn on the tv to catch the morning news…you never know what might have happened while you were sleeping….heck, the conservatives might have overthrown the liberal government in the town where I live (not likely to happen, thank goodness, but if it happened while I was sleeping, I’d like to know about it before venturing out into a world where everyone is carrying loaded handguns and insisting that everyone pray to their God, rather than to whatever God you might choose to worship), the stock market could have made a miraculous recovery and my 401K could be worth millions this morning (I’d hate to find that out after I got to work  because I’m not sure how I’d explain to my boss that now that I’m a millionaire, I’m taking early retirement, so “see ya”…hmm…I guess that’s exactly how I could tell him), or the rest of the world could have been destroyed by that perilously close meteorite, which, I guess, as long as I’m hearing it on the morning news, would mean that my little corner of the world missed the destruction part of the meteorite hit so what would I be worried about…well, other than the loss of life and stuff in other areas of the world.

So anyhow, I guess this is my way of expressing how I’m glad I  took the time to listen to the crickets this morning…of course, if one manages to find its way into the house, Spooky will literally tear it limb from limb…not a particularly peaceful beginning to the day for the cricket, is it?

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