Seems like I’m kind of slacking…

Mobile Blogging

Image by wZa HK via Flickr

…slacking in several areas of my life…primarily with my writing.  Weird how I was able to write every day when I was working six days a week for the past few months of the year, now I’m back to a “normal” schedule and have missed several days!  What’s up with that?

I’ll give myself a pass on the day I ended up working from 5:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night…although I could have posted from my phone. They’ve updated it a little and it’s a lot easier to write and post pictures, so that’s pretty cool.  I just have to remember to adjust my camera on the phone according to the lighting…guess what I really need to do is take more pictures with it. 

 And I was pretty sick for a few days, so okay, maybe that’s an excuse…maybe…

Sometimes I think I aim for perfection and then am disappointed in myself when I don’t maintain it…when really, who among us can be perfect for very long?  Why isn’t good enough good enough?  Does anyone else have those perfectionist tendencies?  How in the world do you deal with it?