Spook lives a tough life

I know, I know…I do way too many posts about my little Spooky girl…but she’s just so darn cute and entertaining…I didn’t get a picture today, but she was rolling around inside that canvas cat box thing I bought her a while back.  Rolling around so much that she tipped it over, then climbed out looking at me like I’d knocked it over with her inside.

Spook in the laundry basket

I’ve found her sleeping in the laundry basket several times…cute…at least the clothes in the basket still need to be washed, not like she’s sleeping on a pile of clean clothes.  Ha!  I put them away as soon as I fold them specifically so she won’t sleep on that pile of clean clothes…so there, little crazy cat!  The weather is gorgeous today so I’ve got the windows open…walked into the kitchen and she was sleeping in the kitchen window, in the sun, with the birds right outside the window at the feeder.  Maybe they realize she can’t get to them altho she does do that little cat chatter thing at them every once in  a while.  And she woke me up last night meowing, pacing back and forth across my pillow, around my head. As soon as I lifted the comforter up, she darted under the blankets, laid down by my feet and then held on to one of my feet with her front paws.  Of course, that’s always a scary thing.  If I move, is she going to scratch me?  Ahh…she has me right where she wants me, doesn’t she?  Poor little mistreated girl.

Crazy darn cat…

 Oh, look at her…isn’t she sweet?  Ha!  It’s an act, I tell ya!  I was leaning on the kitchen counter talking on the phone…you know, totally minding my own business…not bothering the cat at all.  She walked into the kitchen, walked up to me, grabbed my foot with her two front paws, flopped down on the floor and started digging at my foot with her hind paws while still maintaining her hold with her front paws (read that claws).

In my sternest tone (not my cat whisperer tone), I said, “Spook, stop it!”  Uh…yeah, that worked…so I drug my cat-imprisoned foot over to the cabinet under the sink where I keep a spray bottle of water (you think this hasn’t happened before?).  I picked up the bottle, then wondered if this was the water bottle or the Windex bottle…hmm…sure don’t want to spray the little monster (I mean, little darling) with Windex.  Then I decided it probably didn’t really matter what was in the bottle because usually all I have to do is shake it, which I then did.  Ah yes, that’s the ticket.  She released me, backed up with squinty eyes, then turned and ran into the living room.

Ha!!  I proved that I am at least as smart as the crazy darn cat…right?  Didn’t I?  Or did I?

How do you decide when it’s time to have your pet put to sleep?

Let me start by saying I’m not talking about Spooky…she’s fine…mean as ever…


I’m talking about Goldi…poor old Goldi…she showed up a few years back…cold and hungry.  I really didn’t want another cat, but I felt sorry for her.  So I fed her and gave her some water on the back patio, hoping she’d find her way back home. 
Who knows what her story is?  Was she abandoned?  Did she escape and couldn’t find her way back home?  I have no idea.  She is so friendly that it’s obvious she was once someone’s pet.  This is why I preach to people to keep their cats inside…bad things happen to them on the outside…
Goldi was probably luckier than most stray cats.  I never found out where her people were, but I did take her to the vet and had her checked out.  Other than being old and skinny, there wasn’t anything wrong with her.  So I let her explore the house and try to get used to Spooky.  Funny, Spooky wanted to be friends right away, but Goldi never warmed up to her.  Maybe because she was so old and didn’t want to play…So they never really became friends, but they tolerated one another.
A few days ago, I noticed Goldi was becoming lethargic…still eating well, drinking enough…but just not getting around like she had before.  Last night, she just kind of stayed on a chair in the spare bedroom, didn’t come downstairs to eat.  When I took food up to her, she ate it, but I could tell something was wrong.
I took her to the vet this morning.  She wasn’t happy about that.  (Is there a cat in the world who enjoys going to the vet?)  They examined her, took some blood, all of those good things.  As far as they could tell, without further tests, she’s just getting really old.
I kind of feel guilty for not okaying more extensive tests, but it’s not something I feel like I can afford…then I question myself, if it were Spooky in this situation, would I go ahead and pay for the other tests?  I have to admit, I would be inclined to.  Does that make me uncaring for not doing it for Goldi?  The vet and I discussed putting her to sleep.  She said she didn’t think Goldi was in pain, but that it’s not always easy to tell with cats.
I brought her back home and have made her as comfortable as I can upstairs in the spare room where she can be warm and keep away from Spook.  She’s still eating and drinking.  I go in and pet her and talk to her several times a day.  But I don’t know…should I think more seriously about having her put to sleep?  How do you know when it’s time?  She doesn’t seem to be in pain, but she’s also not really doing much…I know it’s only a matter of time now.
Would it be better for her to just go ahead and schedule it sooner rather than later?  I just feel so bad for her.  What have you done in these types of situations?

Spooky and Goldi

Not fit for man nor beast

The front doors at CVS fog up in the heat and ...

Image by benchilada via Flickr

It is unbearably hot and humid here in Indiana (as in much of the rest of the country).  I had an appointment with my eye doctor this morning.  I thought I could kind of beat the heat by having the appointment scheduled for first thing in the morning…well, I’m here to tell you, I don’t think there was any way to beat the heat today.  As soon as I walked out the front door, I felt like I was trying to breathe under water…it’s like the air in a tropical rain forest…ugh!  And you know it’s going to be entirely too hot when your sunglasses steam up as soon as you slip them on.  Great, so now I’m in the fog under water…I took my time walking, didn’t want to be drenched with sweat when I sat down in that chair at the eye doctor’s office. 

I appreciate air conditioning, believe me, I do.  But have you ever noticed how cold it is in a lot of the businesses?  I think movie theaters and restaurants are the worst.  I always bring a sweater or light jacket to slip on when I’m going to either of those places.  Then, when you walk outside, the heat and humidity slam into you all over again, crushing your lungs and searing all the moisture from your body.  Water, water, please keep water with you when it’s this hot. 

I have one last plea to make concerning how animals are affected by this awful heat.  Please, please don’t leave your pets locked in your car while you run into the store, or wherever.  Just leave your dog at home in the air conditioning when it’s like this.  They can’t take the heat in a vehicle.  It builds up quickly and can kill your beloved pet just as quickly.  If you’re one of those people who keeps your pets outdoors (I don’t understand that myself, but I know that’s what some people do), please make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and shade.  They depend on us to give them the care they need in extreme weather.  If you have a pet, make sure you take responsibility for them.  Keep them safe.  Keep them hydrated.  And, while you’re at it, check up on your elderly neighbors.  It only takes a few minutes and you could save a life today.

Storms and Spooky Girl do not agree

Thunderstorm - NOAA

Image via Wikipedia

Well, it’s most definitely spring in Indiana…in the 80s yesterday, thunderstorms in the early morning hours, drizzle all day, and now the sun is shining…oh yeah, and they’re calling for snow Friday night…gotta love it!

Spooky doesn’t particularly enjoy thunderstorms and she reminded me of that early this morning.  I’m not sure if I woke up because of the thunder or because Spooky was trying to hide from the loud booms.  The problem was, she was trying to hide under me as I was trying to sleep.  I guess she thought that, if lightning were to strike, being underneath me would keep her safe.  Unfortunately for both of us, she left a few scratches on my arm in her search for safety.  Unfortunate for me, because I don’t relish cat scratches at any time, but especially when I’m trying to sleep.  Unfortunate for Spooky, because the scratches didn’t put me in the mood to be all comforting and protective.  Don’t worry, I did give in and let her slip under the comforter.  I even got up and turned the fan on in an effort to drown out the noise.  It must have worked, because she went to sleep and slept for several hours.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t go back to sleep…sometimes I’m so jealous of the life my cat leads.