Ho ho ho, crossed that finish line

Wow…I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. December has been crazy busy, as usual. But somehow I managed to make it to Christmas. Not sure how…I’m exhausted, in more than a little bit of pain, and getting sick. I’ve been fighting a cold (or something) for the past several days. I’m going to have to give my doctor a call Thursday and see if we can get me on some good drugs to nip this in the bud…haha…always think of good old Barney when I say that…nip it in the bud…

I just wanted to quickly check in here and wish you all a happy holiday season…however you choose to celebrate, I hope you find joy and peace.


Peace On Earth

My Christmas wish for all of us is for us to find a way to coexist peacefully with one another, despite our differences.

Early morning solitude


Image by me'nthedogs via Flickr

I’m sitting here right now listening to the crickets.  It’s such a soothing sound.  See, I usually miss that in the morning because I turn on the tv to catch the morning news…you never know what might have happened while you were sleeping….heck, the conservatives might have overthrown the liberal government in the town where I live (not likely to happen, thank goodness, but if it happened while I was sleeping, I’d like to know about it before venturing out into a world where everyone is carrying loaded handguns and insisting that everyone pray to their God, rather than to whatever God you might choose to worship), the stock market could have made a miraculous recovery and my 401K could be worth millions this morning (I’d hate to find that out after I got to work  because I’m not sure how I’d explain to my boss that now that I’m a millionaire, I’m taking early retirement, so “see ya”…hmm…I guess that’s exactly how I could tell him), or the rest of the world could have been destroyed by that perilously close meteorite, which, I guess, as long as I’m hearing it on the morning news, would mean that my little corner of the world missed the destruction part of the meteorite hit so what would I be worried about…well, other than the loss of life and stuff in other areas of the world.

So anyhow, I guess this is my way of expressing how I’m glad I  took the time to listen to the crickets this morning…of course, if one manages to find its way into the house, Spooky will literally tear it limb from limb…not a particularly peaceful beginning to the day for the cricket, is it?

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