Now this is some gardening weather

After all the rain we’ve had, it’s so nice to have a few days of sunshine.  The ground is really still too wet to do much..had I only prepared my new bed in the fall, I could probably be out there planting right now.  Alas, I simply couldn’t talk myself into doing the work in the fall, so now I’m paying the consequences.  I may end up doing more container gardening than I’d hoped to do.  But…in some ways container gardening is easier…fewer weeds and pests…but a lot more watering.  During the absolute hottest part of the Indiana summer, I end up watering twice a day for some of the containers.  I’ll worry about that when the time comes though.  Right now, I’m watching my spring veggies grow.

radishes and a lettuce mix

another container of leaf lettuce

Amish paste tomato that I still need to transplant

some of the prettiest pansies I’ve ever grown

yellow and purple pansies interplanted…so nice together

I still have several tomato and pepper seedlings that I need to transplant.  I’m hoping to be able to get some of that done Wednesday.  I’d also like to get some cucumbers planted outside…we’re just about at our last frost date.  My fear now is that it’s going to immediately turn into summer.  It’s supposed to be 88 degrees tomorrow and Wednesday…whew…lower 60s yesterday, almost 90 Wednesday.  Gardening is never boring!

Gardening weather

Well, as any good gardener knows, you need rain to have a good garden.  But really, when is enough, enough? But today was a nice, sunny, kind of chilly day.  Perfect weather for the lettuce, radishes, and spinach I’ve planted.

Look at those chives…I’ve heard that chive blossoms are good, may have to do some research on that one.

This chilly, rainy weather is also perfect for pansies.

Of course, pansies die back as soon as it starts getting hot.  Then I’ve always got to figure out what else to plant.

I’m looking forward to getting my tomatoes and peppers set out.  I guess it won’t be any time soon though.  We’re supposed to have chilly weather for the next week or so.  I imagine when summer hits, it’ll be instantaneous…60 one day, 90 the next.  Ah well…there’s something to enjoy about every season.