Spending time with my new friend

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English: Rubber bands in different colors. Studio photo taken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s better than making a new friend?  Well, okay…spending time with old friends is great, really great!  But making new friends is pretty fun too.  My new friend is the little girl next door.  I’ve previously written about Claire.  Well, I got to spend a few minutes with her after work today.  I knew she was waiting for me as soon as I pulled up after work today.  There she was with her little doll buggy on the sidewalk in front of my porch.  As soon as she saw me, she went right back to the porch post and wrapped her arm around it again.  I’m not sure what that signifies, maybe she needs a little extra support because she’s so shy.  Alright, alright…I know I’m not any kind of psychiatrist…I’m just a writer, give me a break here.

Anyhow, I got out of the car and was talking to another neighbor as I walked toward the porch.  As soon as we finished chatting, Claire timidly said “hi”.  When I smiled and asked her what was going on, she said, “Can I see your kitties?”  I just laughed and told her I’d see if I could catch one of them.  When I put the key in the lock, Claire asked, “Why you always unlock the door?”  I told her I’d been gone all day.  Her response?  “You been gone all day?”  Okay, she’s five years old.  Are you expecting a discussion about the Dead Sea scrolls?

I opened the door and put my stuff inside.  As usual, the kitties were there to greet me, not knowing they had another adventure in store.  Well, Scout may figure these things out a little quicker than Spook does.  As soon as I reached out for Scout, she took off.  Having worked all day, I felt a tad too tired to chase after her.  I turned to Spook and she (silly, trusting, little thing that she is) came right into my arms.  And then we were out the door before she realized my intent.  At first she started to climb my shoulder, but quickly relaxed when Claire approached her.  Who knew my cat likes kids?  Claire and Spook spent a couple of minutes bonding until Claire saw the bracelet I was wearing.

We got in this new product at work, the Rainbow Loom.  You can make bracelets and whatever else you can think of using those little bitty rubber bands.  One of the girls was doing a demo of the new product and made bracelets for all of us who were working.  I  wore my red and white one (go Hoosiers!) all day.  Well, all day until Claire happened to see it.  She pointed at it and asked, “What’s that?”  I told her it was a bracelet one of the girls I work with made for me.  When I asked her if she liked it, she nodded, not taking her eyes from it.  Okay, I’m a sucker.  I gave the kid my bracelet.  She immediately put it on and then showed her mom.

We talked a few more minutes, long enough for me to find out that Claire is starting kindergarten on Wednesday and is excited about it.  And that she’s a little less excited about the new baby that’s going to be joining her family later.  Hopefully that’ll change, I bet it will.  I also hope that I managed to put a little smile on Claire’s face, just like she did mine.

How can I learn to be patient?


Patience (Photo credit: AngSocialMed)

I am not the most patient person in the world, not by a long shot.  And I feel guilty when I’m impatient with someone…well, most of the time.  Last night, my lovely new neighbors were outside yelling at someone in a car and someone threw something that hit my door.  The cats scattered in fear, that’s how loud it was.  Without thinking of the consequences, I rushed to the door, unlocked it, and jerked it open, giving them all my evil stare.  It must be a pretty frightening look because the people in the car took off and the dear, sweet neighbors went inside.  These people have only lived here for about two months and this kind of behavior happens every week or so.  Just a tad annoying.

How does this have anything to do with me not being patient, you might ask.  I mean, I didn’t go out there with my gun and threaten to shoot them all…oh wait, I don’t have a gun (I’m thinking that may be a good thing).  I didn’t call the police although I do think someone must have because they drove by not too long after the incident.  I didn’t go over and pound on their door and yell and scream at them…okay, a couple of reasons I didn’t do that…I’m not really the yelling and screaming type and I tend to be a little cowardly when faced with a group of people who might want to do me bodily harm. But I also didn’t go over and try to speak with them after everyone had calmed down.  I didn’t explain to them that I’m not all that healthy, I have difficulty sleeping, and I’m still working 40+ hours a week.  I just kind of stewed for the rest of the night.

When I left to go to work this morning, there was a note taped to my door.  The lady apologized to me for being too loud, saying her younger, under-aged sister came over wanting her to go out and buy her and her friends some alcohol.  That’s what precipitated the argument.  Okay, so it still wasn’t right for them to be yelling and throwing things, disturbing everyone who lives in the neighborhood.  But…she did apologize and that’s more than most folks are willing to do.

Hmm…after reading this again, I think I’ve been fairly patient with them over the past two months.  Maybe a better question would be how can I learn to peacefully confront people and talk things through?  Or am I being naïve?  Oh well, wouldn’t be the first time.

Not feeling all that neighborly

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods (Photo credit: Sherlock77 (James))

Some new neighbors moved in next door to me the first of June.  I had my doubts about them when I saw them moving in, but hey, I’ll give anyone a chance.  And, when people move, they often have friends and family help them, so you don’t really know who all’s going to be living there until the move-in is complete.

Within two weeks I knew my first impression was correct.  These people are inconsiderate (outside yelling in the middle of the night, slamming the doors at all hours of the day and night), rude (moving my things on my half of the patio…I would never touch another person’s property as long as it was in their own space), loud, scary (people stop by and they practically get into fights on the front lawn while the little girl who lives there is outside crying and screaming).

Last night, at 2:30 am, I was awakened by more door slamming (repeatedly) and yelling.  And then, once it was all over, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Great, just what I need, right?  One of my friends told me I should just go over there and tell them that if they can’t stop acting that way, I’ll call the police and child protective services.  And that sounds like the grown-up thing to do, doesn’t it?  However, they’re not the type of people who would listen and they would not hesitate to “make me pay”  for my interference.  I would hate to have them break into my house while I’m at work and hurt Spook or Scout.

The guy who lives a few doors down complained to the office about these people and they didn’t want to do anything about it.  So I can’t imagine they’d be any more inclined to listen to me.  I’m not the type of person who files complaints about the neighbors very often but I think I’m going to have to do it anyhow.  Then, if that doesn’t work, I really need to start thinking about finding another place to live…someplace quiet and peaceful, away from people.  Now where exactly would I find a place like that?  A little cabin in the woods?  Hmm…that sounds ideal right about now.  Might not be so perfect in the middle of winter after a heavy snowfall though…

Ahh…neighbors…you can’t really kill them…

…really, you can’t…well, unless you don’t mind spending the rest of your life in prison…and I’m not thinking that would be all that much fun…from what I hear, the neighbors there would be worse than what we have to put up with here on the outside…

About 2 this morning, I woke up to a lot of yelling and screaming outside.  I was sleeping with the window open so I could hear everything…could probably have heard it even if the window had been closed.  Every other word they were f-ing this and mother f-ing that…threatening to kill somebody, accusing someone of being a child molester and someone else of being a rapist…

One of the guys kept saying he wanted a ride home…then, in the next breath, he’d say he wanted more beer (umm…dude, seriously, I’m thinking you’ve all had more than enough beer for the night).  Then the woman who lives there would yell for them all to f-ing shut up because someone was going to call the cops.  Of course, she was yelling louder than anyone else…

Then one of the guys accused one of the other guys of hitting one of the girls…she jumped in and said it was an accident, he didn’t mean to hit her (you, girl, might want to consider drinking more beer…if he hit you, you need to just kick him to the curb, get out of that nasty relationship…it won’t get better, if he hit you once, you can rest assured he’ll do it again…).

Then the woman who lives there starts going on about how her husband has hit her and bloodied her lip…”right, honey?”  He, of course, denies it…then she starts cussing at him for being a liar…uhh…yeah, cause that’s way worse than him hitting you…are you crazy???  Wait..what am I asking?  Of course they’re all crazy…who lives like this and thinks it’s normal?

So anyhow, this goes on for about 45 minutes…I’m just so glad I didn’t have to get up and go to work today…if I’d had to drag myself out of bed at 5 this morning you’d better believe I’d have been slamming doors and making all kinds of noise to wake them up…but…with all of that drinking they’d been doing, it probably wouldn’t have made any difference…

Let me ask you all a question, if they go at it again tonight, would it be wrong of me to yell at them to just kill each other already so the rest of us can get a decent night’s sleep???


The long and winding road to fitness, day 138

Neighbour's KidsSo did everyone remember to set their clocks back?  A couple of our folks forgot, fortunately for us, in the fall all that does is get them to work an hour early…ha!

I spent most of my day today working on the ad set…never thought I’d get that thing completed.  Seems like every time I walked some where, I’d see something else that needed a sign.  Ooh…and we just might be lucky enough to get a corporate visitor tomorrow to watch us work the truck.  Watch us?  Are you kidding me?  Roll up your sleeves and help…hahaha….oh, I simply have to stop making myself laugh so much.

I had a good day with the eating today.  Six (or maybe just five and a half) servings of fruits and veggies…no junk…ate only what I took to work.  Yea!!  And my exercise was okay.  I did strength training and walked for 20 minutes before work, then did a ton of walking and ladder climbing over the course of the day at work.  Came home and did a little housework.  I’m thinking early to bed tonight since I’ve got to be at work at 5 am!

New neighbors moved in yesterday…apparently with small children..oh joy!!  At least I keep Spooky inside so she doesn’t have to worry about being traumatized by young children.  When someone new moves into your neighborhood, do you stop in and welcome them to the neighborhood…or does that only happen in the movies and on tv?

The long and winding road to fitness, day 103


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Whew…wild day at work!!  Another fun-filled, non-stop day.  Busy, busy,busy (and that’s not a bad thing).  I’m sure tomorrow will be more of the same, lots to do.

I ate fairly well today, but didn’t eat enough veggies.  Did get in plenty of fruit, so that’s at least one good thing.  I bought an acorn squash and some sweet potatoes…I love both of those, just need to cook them.  Not going to happen tonight though.

I did walk for 25 minutes in addition to all of the walking I did at work.  So at least I didn’t go three days without exercising.  It’s awfully easy to just not start again once you miss a couple of days even when you know how much better you feel when you do exercise.  What’s that all about?

Lots of new neighbors moving in this weekend.  You never know if that’s a good thing or not.  Are they going to be playing loud music all night when I have to get up at 4:30 or 5 almost every morning?  Are they going to be having drunken friends over?  Are they going to be crazy and have violent fights?  Are they going to be messy and leave trash all over the place?  Are their kids going to be troublesome?  On the other hand, they could be sweet and helpful.  They could be interested in making their patio and porch look cozy and inviting.  They could work a lot and not have a lot of company.  Their kids could be well-mannered and well-behaved (mmm…yeah, that doesn’t happen often).  We could find out we have a lot in common and become life-long friends…you just never know what you’re going to get when someone new moves in, do you?

Are you friendly with your neighbors?  Do you know one another just to say “hi” to or are you in and out of each other’s homes, visiting, laughing, sharing?