Sweet kitty antics

Aww…you just gotta love it when you have two (or more) cats and they do something sweet…you just want to kiss ’em right on the top of their furry little heads.  Now my cats have had a hate/hate relationship since I brought Scout home a few months ago.  Well, I don’t guess Scout started out hating on Spook.  I mean, she was just a little kitten and, like all kittens, wanted to play.  Spook wanted no part of playing with an interloper.  It pretty much seemed like she wanted to take any opportunity that presented itself to just kill the kitten and put an end to her interference in Spook’s idyllic life.

Fortunately, there have been no kitty murders in the house.  Today I saw a tiny glimmer of hope for kitty harmony in our family.  Scout was napping on the bed.  Spook jumped up to claim her spot on the soft, warm blanket and stopped when she got close to Scout.  Spook lowered her head like she wanted Scout to lick her…aww…how sweet, right?

Well, not quite…the kitten swatted Spook on the head then bit her leg as she was walking away.  Poor Spook…I guess she just learned that what they say about karma is true!

ahh...relaxation after an unexpected bath!

ahh…relaxation after an unexpected bath!

IU Spooky

IU Spooky

The secret lives of cats

I’ve always had cats.  When I was growing up, we had dogs (my brothers) and cats (me).  I like dogs, don’t get me wrong, but cats are just different…more independent, less work, and maybe just a little sneakier.  I was heading out to work this morning, had closed the front door when I saw the newspaper in the yard (why the paper guy can’t put it on the porch, I’ll never know).  So I walked over and picked the paper up, opened the door to throw it inside…that’s when I saw my little cat (Spooky) chasing the older cat (Goldi) up the stairs.  Goldi was hissing the entire time, but still running away from Spook.

I always felt kind of bad for Spook because she’s never been around another cat that actually liked her.  Now I’m thinking there might be a reason for that.  Makes me wonder what else she gets up to while I’m at work.  Early on (she’s almost 5 years old now), I would come home and cabinet doors would be open.  I always found it difficult to believe that I’d forgotten to close the doors, but didn’t know what else it could be.  Then, one day, I saw Spooky opening a door (for no apparent reason).   Then all the open doors made sense, in a spooky kind of way.

Spooky digs her way up under the comforter on my bed every day.  I can always tell she’s done it because the bed’s messed up.  I make my bed every morning before I go to work, come home and find it semi-unmade…crazy cat!

Do you think cats or dogs have secret lives?  Do they do things to be sneaky, things they don’t want us to know about, things they know they’re not supposed to be doing?  And does it really matter?  They’re still such an important part of our lives.  They become part of our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way!