Livewell challenge

Well, we started our health and fitness challenge at work yesterday…I ended up with over 20,000 steps for the day…well, the equivalent of 20,000 steps anyhow.  They have a calculator on the site where you can key in various activities and have those activities converted to steps…So my morning exercise bike workout ended up being the equivalent of 5,000 steps. 

Plus I did several hours of house work…I put some music on and just cleaned, cleaned, cleaned…not that it needed it or anything.  Don’t you just love walking into a room that’s been cleaned from top to bottom?

A couple of my co-workers are having cupcake wars…wow…they bring in cupcakes that they’ve made and leave them in the break room.  Today’s cupcake was red velvet with cream cheese icing…yikes!  I’m pleased to say I resisted.  I did think about eating one, but decided I was already too tired to have to do that much more exercise to burn off those calories.

I baked a home-made pizza yesterday…







…lots of spinach and mushrooms, some onion, a few turkey pepperoni and some mozzarella cheese.  That’s going to be lunch for the next several days.  I also mixed up a salad of halved cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, diced onions, cucumber chunks and, of course, my favorite Hendrickson’s olive oil and vinegar dressing.  So I got in a few servings of veggies in a very tasty lunch!  I’m doing it…and feel pretty good about it!

What tasty treats did you eat today?

The long and winding road to fitness, day 206

Wow!!  I’m so excited!  I’m making some good progress with my fitness quest.  Exercising every day and managing to stick with my food plan.  I even bypassed the donuts that someone brought in to work today!  Sat right there and ate the breakfast that I brought while everyone else was eating donuts.  And it didn’t even bother me.  Now that’s some progress!

And all of this is just in time for the livewell challenge that we’ll be starting at work on the 18th!  I’m ready!  I’m going to do this!

The long and winding road to fitness, day 180

Another long day at work…a day that started much too early…I’m pretty much looking forward to an end of these 5 am days…a little sleep would be a good thing.

My eating was just okay today, once again not enough fruits and veggies and too much unhealthy junk.  I have just been too tired to prepare anything for the past few days and by the time lunch rolls around we’re too busy for me to leave to run over to Subway.  I did stop at the store this evening and pick up a few frozen dinners.  One of the things I’m going to do when I’m not working all the time is stop buying frozen meals and start actually cooking good food.

I did do some strength training this morning before work and did a lot of walking and ladder climbing at work, so I did get in some good exercise.

Oh, our company will be starting another live well challenge in January.  I’ve been signing people up for it for the past couple of days.  Most of the people seem really excited about it.  I’m going to try to get several more folks signed up tomorrow.  Right now we have about a third of our associates signed up…my goal for our store is to get at least 75% of our associates signed up.  I’d aim for 100% but I know we won’t get that because one of the women said she wasn’t interested…so…anyhow, several of us are planning to use this challenge to kickstart our own fitness/weight loss program.  We’ve even talked about setting up a private team on…if I can get maybe a couple more people interested in that, I’ll do it.

So maybe I’m not doing as well as I’d like right now on my road to fitness, but I’m setting up a plan to get back on the straight and narrow…just gotta do it…I’m tired of feeling like this (and looking like this) and want to get back to feeling good, energized, in shape…