Where in the world have I been?

Dead plant in pots

Dead plant in pots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realized it’s been a coon’s age (one of my grandma’s phrases) since I sat down to write anything at all for my poor, neglected blog and all of my faithful readers.  Sorry about that.  Even though I’ve not been taking the time to post here, I’ve still been writing.  I’m taking part in Camp NaNo again this month and I’m pleased to say I’m doing a pretty good job…a little over 12,000 words written (not counting whatever I may churn out tonight).  I had every intent of writing something new, but when I sat down that first day, my fingers had other plans…so still working on the same story just at  a different stage in his life.  I know, I know…I’m such a rebel!

I do have something positive to report!  After seeing the pulmonologist and taking a ton of meds, I’m finally feeling better…not great….not 100%…but oh so much better than I felt a month ago.  I still get on these coughing jags in the evenings and at night or if I’m outside in the cold….thank goodness mother nature is finally giving me a break in that department.  I’m back at work, just this past week.  Sometimes it’s a struggle, but I’ve got a pretty compassionate boss, he’s working with me to make sure I continue recovering.  I love the folks I work with…and really did miss seeing them on a daily basis.  Sounds like a pretty good gig, huh?

I’m so happy that spring is finally here.  I have Tuesday off work and I’m hoping the weather will cooperate so I can get outside and plant some lettuce and radishes…I need to stop and buy some pansies to plant too…maybe I can do that after work tomorrow, if I’m not just worn out.  I haven’t decided how much I’m going to plant this year..definitely a couple of tomato plants, but I may end up buying most of my produce at the farmers’ market this year.  We’ll see…

How about you?  Got any gardening plans?  Getting outside to allow that sweet spring breeze to kiss your face?


It’s January and I’m thinking about…gardening

Okay, you’re right…I live in Indiana, it’s in the teens right now.  Not the most conducive weather for gardening unless maybe you have a greenhouse, which I don’t (would love to someday tho).  But those seed catalogues have been coming in the mail every few days and I can just sit there and drool over all of the different varieties of tomatoes or lettuce, look at the new (to me anyhow) seeds that are available, and dream about what all I would plant if I only had a real live garden with room for lots and lots of plants.

Instead, I have a small patio and one small bed where I can grow my veggies.  It’s surprising how much produce I’m able to get from that tiny area.  And there’s not a lot of weeding to do.  But then that’s offset by the daily watering, I suppose.

So I’ll continue to peruse the seed catalogs, trying the new lettuce here or the new pepper there and just make the best of what space I do have.  It may be bitterly cold outside today, but I’m dreaming of warmer days and a new spring garden.

The long and winding road to fitness, day 77

alirium gardens & fall into decay

Image by Liqueur Felix via Flickr

How lucky am I to have a great boss?  He wants to take his next weekend off and, instead of just telling me I was going to have to work it in his place, he’s working my weekend this week!  How cool is that?  He could have been like a lot of other bosses and just scheduled me to work  three weekends in a row, no questions asked.  But no, he decided to do the fair thing and swap weekends with me.  Cool, very cool!

I had a hectic day at work today (like when isn’t  it, right?).  I didn’t accomplish all I thought I could, but in my defense, I did spend almost two hours trying to get one of the new hiring programs to work…phone calls, back on the computer, more phone calls, back on the computer.  At least I was relieved to find out that the problems were with the program and not just that I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I walked 25 minutes today and that was it.  Still having issues with my back although nowhere near as bad as yesterday.  Hopefully a couple of days off work to recuperate will work miracles…or at least a little healing magic.  My eating was decent.  I could have eaten a few more veggies today, but didn’t.  Oops, just realized I left my lunch tote in the fridge at work with my cantaloupe in it.  Oh well, I have more here at home, so that’s what I’ll be snacking on this weekend.

As this weekend off was kind of a surprise for me, I don’t really know what I’ll be doing…trying to fit in a bit more exercise, for sure.   I’ve been thinking about planting some lettuce for a fall crop.  We’ve been having another heat wave but I think it’s supposed to cool off by Monday.  I’m ready for cooler weather. 

 Do you do any fall gardening or are you just tired of it by the end of summer?