Another example of excellent customer service.

English: By Michael Katz Aldi in Bethlehem, PA...

English: By Michael Katz Aldi in Bethlehem, PA taken at sunset, gamma corrected to make it lighter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After my visit to the pulmonologist today, I stopped at Aldi to buy some produce.  I don’t shop at Aldi very often simply because they usually only have one check out open (granted, those cashiers are lightning fast), but I was off work today and needed some veggies.

After picking up some tomatoes, strawberries, avocado, lettuce, and cucumbers, I made my way to the front of the store.  Yep, you guessed it…the line was long.  Several folks were in front of me and only one register running.  As I got closer, I could hear the cashier talking with the customers as they came through her line.  Holy moly, this lady was just chatting with everyone while ringing them up.  She was so friendly and actually remembered several of her customers.  The lady in front of me forgot to pay for a couple of bags until after we were already into my transaction.  The cashier told her not to worry about it, that she’d buy the bags for her as she quickly made a note of it.  I was getting ready to tell her to add it to my order, when the guy behind me reached over and handed the cashier some change.

I walked out of the store with a smile on my face just because people were so nice to one another.  Oh yeah, and I emailed the corporate offices of Aldi when I got  home just to let them know they have a great employee in Cheryl.

Kindness really does breed kindness, doesn’t it?

People are sometimes offended when you try to be considerate

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Wow…who knew that trying to be nice could cause some people to take offense?  I read something the other day…a person in line waiting to check out overheard the cashier talking to the elderly lady at the front of the line.  Apparently the cashier called the older woman “sweetie” and the person behind the elderly lady took offense at that.  Really?  I mean, honestly, how did the person who found this to be so offensive know whether or not the two knew one another?  Could be the older woman shopped at this store frequently and was a favorite of this cashier.  Why are people so eager to jump to conclusions?  And usually negative ones at that.

I’ve heard so many people complain about someone wishing them a nice day.  Seriously.  How can it possibly be offensive to have someone wish you well?  Okay, so that cashier at the grocery store doesn’t personally know you, but does that necessarily mean she can’t hope you have a nice day?  It’s not like she’s commanding it, she’s simply hoping the rest of your day is pleasant.  Take it in the spirit in which it’s given.  When there are so many awful things happening in the world each day, let someone’s genuine well wishes put a little brightness in your day. 

 And how nice would it be if we’d all treat one another with kindness and respect?  Can you imagine how much easier each day could be?  A simple smile and a pleasant word or two might be all that someone needs to make it through a terrible day.  Every person we come in contact with has a story, or multiple stories.  We may only see a sentence or two of that story, but we can make sure that our little part in another person’s story is positive.  My mom always said you should treat people as you’d like to be treated.  I think that’s something we need in our world now more than ever. 

Smiles are contagious. 

And now, for “the women” I work with who gave me the adorable pink purse…sorry I didn’t mention your names.  I did think about it and was concerned that you all might not want to see your names in my blog.  But now that I know differently, expect  to see yourselves mentioned frequently… Susie, Jean Ann and Diane!!  Be careful what you ask for, girls…I’m always looking for blog topics…