The long and winding road to fitness, day 150


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I guess this is another milestone of sorts.  150 days on this journey…not bad.  I feel like I’m reestablishing some good habits…exercise every day, if only for 10 or 15 minutes, eating more fruits and veggies, eating a bit healthier…so I think I’ll be in good shape going through the holidays…able to resist most of the temptations and continue to work on my fitness.

I did some walking and core exercises before work today.  Ate a Healthy Choice meal for lunch, at around 3 pm…oh, did I forget to mention that the auditor showed up at our store today?  How could that have slipped my mind?  Of course, my boss was freaking out.  I always try to remain calm (doesn’t always work, but that’s the intent anyhow).  I was able to fix the issues with the electronic I9s before she got there so we got those points. 

We did really well.  Ended with a score of 90.48 which tied the best in the district!~  And the points we missed were two things that were easily corrected and something we’ll never miss again.  I felt kind of bad for one of the department managers, he said he’d spend all weekend thinking about the one point that was in his department.  I told him that this was a learning experience for him and that I bet he’d never allow that mistake to happen again.  Granted, I might not have been quite so understanding had we not passed!  But I do look at this as an opportunity to see where we are and what we need to work on, and it’s a good thing for a relatively new department manager to experience.

So anyhow, I was in the office with the auditor.  She had finished the audit and was getting ready to email the results to us so we could print them out.  Chris wasn’t aware of the results at this time.  The auditor looked at me and asked if he’d been driving me crazy worrying about the audit.  Then she said she thought it would be funny if I acted like we hadn’t done well.  Of course, me being the joker that I am, I had to agree with that.  So I got on the radio headset and acted all serious, told Chris that Sherry was in the office and…”uh, we need you to come in here.  We’ve got some issues we need to talk about.”  He came running in to the office and asked if we’d failed.  I told him the copy was on the printer.  He pulled it off and read it.  Then said I’d just about given him a heart attack.  “Do you want to feel my heart?  Do you want to feel my heart?”, he kept asking that as he held his hand over his heart.  That might have been kind of mean on my part, but it was also pretty funny…

The long and winding road to fitness, day 146

Black Friday lineAye chihuahua!!  I’m worn to a frazzle and still have another day to work before I get a day off.  At least I feel like we’re finally starting to get a handle on all of the seasonal stuff.  We still have a little more to get done, but we’re fast approaching the period in the season where all (all?) we have to do is keep things stocked and help customers.  It goes by so quickly…and that’s not a bad thing!

I did do a little range of motion stuff this morning before work, but am hurting quite a bit.  Not sure if part of that has something to do with the wild weather we’ve had last night and today.  Temps in the high 70s today…this is November, right?  Then thunderstorms this evening.  It kind of feels like spring.  But I think all of that is about to end…soon…like on Wednesday…on my day off…of course~

My eating was okay.  Almost all frozen stuff that I have in the freezer at work.  After the holiday season, I’ll get back to eating healthier, less processed food.  Until then I’m just going to try to make it through by eating Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine…I did eat four and a half servings of fruits and veggies.  A little short of my goal of 5, but still not too bad.  I’ve got a little salad mixed up to take tomorrow to eat while my dinner is in the microwave.  That helps on the freggie intake.

I think sleep is maybe the most important thing I can do for myself right now.  I actually came home and took a nap this evening.   And I’m not going in at 5 am tomorrow.  We usually only do that on the days that Chris and I are both there and he’s taking tomorrow off.  I’m afraid he’s getting sick.  I keep bringing fruit and salad in for him to eat, and he does eat it, but I think the long hours and stress are starting to take their toll.  Sometimes I don’t think our company (or any retail company) realizes just how much they ask  demand of us at this time of the year.  But we’ll get through it.  I may go out and buy some Echinacea tea, well, that’s if I thought I could get him to drink it.  I drink it when I feel a cold or the flu coming on.  It’s definitely not my favorite tea, but I think it helps…yes, that could be all in my head, but I think there are a lot of cures out there in nature that we don’t often take advantage of.

What about you?  What do you do when you start feeling under the weather?