Cute little egg muffiny things

egg "muffins"

For lack of a better name, I decided to call these cute little things egg muffins.  However, there’s really nothing muffiny about them…well, other than the fact that they were baked in a muffin tin. I found this idea on Pinterest (where else?).  I was trying to think of some healthier options to prepare for work when I remembered this.  And I thought, why not? All it consists of  is eggs, beaten…I used 6 since I was using a 6-cavity muffin tin.  That way each serving would be 1 egg.  Just whipped up the eggs, poured them in sprayed muffin tin and added veggies.  I cut up green onions for all of them, then tore spinach for half of them.  Used one ounce of Swiss cheese divided among the 6 servings.  Then baked them for 25 minutes or so at 350 degrees.  Popped them out of the tin onto a cooling rack and that was that. Holy moly, did the house smell good while these were in the oven!  So dinner tonight was one of these little cuties, some toast and a glass of milk…yum! So, can anyone think of a good name for them?  Somehow I think  “cute little egg muffiny things”  doesn’t quite cut it.