What do you do when the words won’t come?

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories (Photo credit: dalcrose)

For the most part, while I’ve been working on my short story dance series of posts, the words have been flowing from my fingertips as quickly as my fingers can move.  But the last post took me two days to write and, even then, I wasn’t really satisfied with it. The previous posts in that series saw me smiling the entire time I was writing…not so with the last one…that one saw me typing, re-reading, deleting, getting up and pacing around, re-reading, holding my head in my hands…not quite the pleasant and joyous experience of the previous eight days or so.  What in the world was going on?

Of course I know this is only the first draft and that revision is a huge part of writing, but that last post had me questioning  myself.  And then to go through all of that and still not be satisfied with the results.

There was a ray of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds though.  As I finished that post I immediately started on the next one and it practically wrote itself…don’t think that didn’t put the smile back on my face!