Feeling accomplished

Yep, you heard me.  I actually feel like I accomplished something last night and this morning.  I finished my first infinity scarf!  Of course, I had to have pink in it…

scout and scarf 009

I’m not really sure what yarn this is.  I’m thinking it’s Loops and Threads Impeccable…what happened was I came across this afghan I’d started but never finished.  I don’t even know what pattern I was using.  So I decided to tear it out and reuse the yarn.  Then, when I decided to make a scarf, I figured why not use this yarn…hey, it’s got pink in it, right?

scout and scarf 008

I like that you can wear these scarves in a variety of ways…long, wrapped, cowl, tied…whatever.  I think I may make a little tie to match it with some beads on it…what do you think?

scout and scarf 010

This was so easy to make…finished it in less than three hours…chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet…that’s it.  Oh, and I found the free pattern on ravelry.com.  I can’t believe I waited so long to check out that site (thanks for bringing it to my attention, Donna).

So now, after not working for a month, I finally feel like I’ve accomplished one small thing.  I suppose now would be a good time to start making scarves for charity, wouldn’t it?

Martha Stewart…love her or hate her?

I have to admit, I’m not a huge Martha Stewart fan, but…I don’t hate her either…I respect the huge business she’s built, I respect that she took the blame for the whole insider trading thing and did time in prison (how many men have done the same thing with the insider trading and never done any kind of time for their crime?  Hmm…something to think about…)

What brought Martha Stewart to mind today was me watching Swagbucks TV (at home, sick) and catching several snippets of her crafting shows…the one I was watching (thinking why didn’t I think of that?) was where they were making mittens from old sweaters.  They simply traced around their hands on a piece of paper, cut it out a little larger, then used that as a pattern to cut the mittens from a sweater.  Sew it up, trim the seams, and turn…oh so cute…really…can you imagine all of the different mittens you could make from sweaters you (or the people in your family) no longer wear?

This is something I really, really want to do…we’ll see how it goes on my next weekend off work…I have lots of sweaters that I never wear…mittens for every coat is what I’m thinking!


red sky in the morning...uh oh...