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I love entering giveaways and have had some success with actually winning quite a few (a case of Better Oats, a case of Celestial Seasonings tea, EOS hand lotion, Soft Scrub,  Starbucks gift card, Coffee Mate, Purex Crystals, Avon Anew skin care kit, Mission tortilla chips, Oscar Meyer carving board meat, Clinique mascara, and lots of coupons for free products).  I’m always surprised when I receive the notification that I’ve won something.  It’s such a thrill to get something useful for nothing (except for the little bit of time invested in actually completing the entry process).

Today I want to let everyone know about a giveaway that one of my Bloomington blogging buddies is hosting.  If you haven’t read Back to Her Roots, I highly recommend it…Cassie always has great photos, some of the best recipes around, and now even giveaways!  Check out her latest giveaway as well as her wonderful blog…

And good luck with the giveaway should you decide to enter…although I have to tell you, I’d really, REALLY like to win this one myself!!

Celestial Seasonings tea giveaway

Free Tour of Celestial Seasonings

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I entered a giveaway on Facebook a few weeks ago.  Celestial Seasonings was giving away several cases of tea, and I thought “why not?  I like their gingerbread tea.  What have I got to lose?”  Well, nothing at all to lose and an entire case of tea to win.  And win I did.  I was pretty surprised when I read that I’d won.  I contacted them with my address and let them know what my favorite tea is.  Earlier this week, I answered the door to the FedEx guy and excitedly opened the box.

How fun to be able to get the gingerbread tea out of season (it’s usually only available during the Christmas season).  As much as I love their tea, I think I’m going to put a couple of boxes in my donation box for the Stamp Out Hunger campaign next month….I want to share my good fortune with someone who might not be able to afford a treat.

So, thanks, Celestial Seasonings, for the great gift of tea and for allowing me to bring a smile to someone else!