Visit with my doctor

Blood pressure

Blood pressure (Photo credit: williamhartz)

Hmm…that almost makes it sound like we went out to lunch or something, doesn’t it?  Nothing quite that enjoyable, I’m afraid.  But don’t be concerned, it was nothing traumatic either.

I went in for a routine check up and to discuss the pain issues I’ve been having.  Surprisingly, my blood pressure was a little high…that doesn’t happen very often.  She did give me a prescription for a diuretic, with the explanation that women often have a slight rise in their blood pressure when they’ve been retaining water.  Okay, that I can accept.

Of course we discussed my weight.  I’d applied for a free program that my company was offering, but it was based on our biometric screening and my numbers on everything were I was turned down.  Her comment was that I “wasn’t sick enough”…I suppose that’s a positive thing, right?  Got to get back to my daily visits to…it works when I work it…just like most everything in life.

Then on to the pain issues.  There was nothing she could find wrong during the routine check up, but she has scheduled a couple of tests during the next two weeks…so maybe we’ll know more then.  Oh yeah, and I can’t forget that she’s scheduled a mammogram next week…yippee…not a lot in life that I enjoy more than a good mammogram…but it’s a necessary evil, so I’ll force myself to follow through with it.

I’ve only been seeing this doctor since last fall, but I really like her.  Unbelievably, she remembered things about my work schedule, the stresses in my life and my issues with food, weight and body image…so, I’ll see her again in a couple of weeks and we’ll go from there.  Until then, I’m trying to eat better and exercise more…solves a lot of problems when I do that…how about you?