They grow up so fast

Kids and kittens grow up too fast, don’t you think?  My little Scout is growing unbelievably fast…

She’s gone from being a cute little cuddly kitten…


Little Scout when I first adopted her being a little chubby…I’ve never had a chubby cat…but I guess I do now!  She’s now bigger than Spooky although she still allows Spook to terrorize her…one of these days…watch out Spook!  Lately, Scout has taken to a new hobby…bird watching out the kitchen window.  She’ll sit there for hours watching the birds at the feeders…can’t be because she’s hungry…look at her!

Gold finches in the garden

gold finches on a feeder

Image by DanielJames via Flickr

I walked into the kitchen this evening and saw a tiny little bird perched on a big leaf of one of the sunflower plants outside my kitchen window.  The bird kept leaning over the head of the sunflower then perching on the leaf again, presumably eating the sunflowers she was pulling from the flower head (hey, that’s okay, the birds planted those sunflowers in the first place).   It was quite the balancing act and very amusing to watch.  A few seconds later, I saw a larger bird doing the same thing.  When he flew up to the top of the garden arch, I could see that it was a gold finch.  Shortly, the other bird joined her mate on the garden arch.  How adorable, a male and a female gold finch.  They kept me company for a few minutes before flying away.  I’m sure they’ll return again…the buffet is still open, sunflower seeds for all.