…how I haven’t really missed you. I could have been perfectly content to have you stay far away until, oh I don’t know, maybe next December.  But no, you had to show up over night here in Indiana and make my morning more than a little uncomfortable.  You decided to visit us with your freezing rain, covering the sidewalks,

the roadways,

and even my car.  How I’m sure you laughed as I struggled (and failed) to get into my car in the dark early morning hours.  How funny you must have thought it to be to watch me using a hammer to crack the ice around the door after I came home from work.  I’m sure you chuckled while watching me slip on the sheet of ice as I feverishly worked to break through the layer of ice covering all of the car windows.  Oh yes, laugh while you can, you evil-hearted witch…your days are numbered.  In fact, your hours are numbered as the temps rise into the 50s tomorrow and all signs of you melt away.  How that warms my heart.  And if you forget all about us for the remainder of January and February, it won’t upset me at all.

To give you credit, winter, you did provide some beauty amongst the misery…

I suppose, as in much of life, beauty often hides behind the discomfort, only making itself known when we take the time to really see what is before us.


A little pick-me-up new hairdo

Dry it all

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After cancelling my hair appointment twice (sorry, Sue), I was finally able to make it in to get a new do on Friday.  I told her I didn’t care what she did or how she styled it as long as it was something that I’d be able to wash, fluff a couple of times while it air dries, then put a little hair spray on for hold….wash and wear hair, that’s what I need for the next three months to allow me to get a few hours of sleep each night.  Most of those nights will end all too soon as we often go in to work at 4 or 5 in the morning for several days at a time.

I had several folks asking for pictures.  Well, I was too tired to set up the camera, hit the timer, pose…only to have to do it over and over again.  So I took a few quickie pictures, nothing noteworthy, but I think you can kind of get an idea about how short and cute and easy my new style is.

How’s that for a picture of my hair?

Hmm…my self portraits leave a little to be desired…but you get the idea!!  Short and easy!

Beauty pageants for toddlers?

This kid on Toddlers and Tiaras is the epitome...

Image by pbump via Flickr

Clicking through the channels one day brought me to a horror show…something to do with toddlers and tiaras…oh…my…word!!!  Unbelievable!  I’m not talking about these little county fair pageants where you put your baby in a frilly little outfit and take them on stage…I’m talking beauty pageants where the little girls are wearing all kinds of make up, their hair is done by a stylist, they’ve gotten manicures and pedicures, and they’re wearing sexy clothes more befitting a young twenty-something…twenty years, not twenty months.

Honestly, I just sat there with my mouth wide open, unable to utter a word, my head shaking back and forth in denial.  What are these mothers thinking?  What are they teaching their precious baby girls, that the way to succeed is to use your body?  That how you look is more important than who you are?

I’m all for dancing, I think it’s great exercise and a wonderful stress reliever, but these tiny little girls were dancing in a manner more appropriate for an adult night club…and even then, most of us wouldn’t want our daughters to dance like that in any situation.

These were baby girls made up to look adult, sultry, sexy…things they shouldn’t have the first thought about at that young age.  The thing I came away with was that most of the mothers seemed to be living through their daughters…almost like they had always had this dream for themselves, the dream of being a beauty queen…but had “settled” for living vicariously through their little girls…a sad situation for everyone.

Oh, and one thing I almost forgot to mention, most of those little girls were…how shall I put this?  Hmm…brats…loud, whiny, spoiled little brats…when you instill that kind of behavior in your daughter, you’re not doing her any favors.  They won’t develop true friendships, people won’t want to have anything to do with them, and they’ll have a skewed view of life.

Come on, people…let your kids be kids…don’t force them to live your dreams.

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew

Dark circles

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I bought this product recently and just had to share.   Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller, just so you know exactly what to look for if you decide to give it a try.  I’ve had dark circles under my eyes for, like, forever.  Yes, they’re worse when I don’t get enough sleep, but even getting adequate sleep doesn’t get rid of them completely.  I’ve tried all kinds of concealers, cover-ups, make up.  Some worked better than others.  Some I only used once or twice and ended up throwing them out (yes, this definitely does get expensive).  When I was at CVS the other day, I decided to look at this product that I’d been reading about in magazines.  I bought it and immediately tried it out when I got home.  I tried it on only one eye to better be able to judge the results.  Holy moly!  It was like the dark circles just disappeared. 

The applicator has a metal rolling ball that is cooling to the under eye area.  The product itself has caffeine gel (not sure what the gel part of caffeine is, but I like caffeine) and lemon essence.  It also has mineral pigments.  I’ve been wearing mineral make up for quite a few years now and really like the results I get with it.

I haven’t been this pleased with a skin care/make up product in quite some time.  What about you?   What’s your favorite skin care or make up product?  Oh, and in case you were wondering, that is NOT a picture of my eye~

I was trying to be offended


Image by Around the way girl Coco via Flickr

Really, I was.  That may sound strange, so let me explain.  I had finished my appointment with the eye doctor and was walking back through the local mall.  When I walked by one of the kiosks, the young lady there walked over to me and handed me a free sample of the product she was trying to sell.  Then she said, ” Oh, are those your nails?”  I told her they were (I’ve always had very strong, quick-growing nails), then she kind of pulled me over to the kiosk and said she wanted to show me something. (Like she doesn’t say that to everyone, right?)   She used this buffer to buff out the ridges in my nails (seriously, where did those things come from? I didn’t have ridges in my nails a couple of years ago.)  Then she used the same little doo dad to put some kind of shine on my nails.  They really did look nice.  Of course, she was wanting to sell me the entire set of products..and at $50 for the set, I wasn’t willing to do it.    She continued her sales pitch even after I told her I wasn’t going to buy the product.

She was so sweet and funny, that I couldn’t really get mad at her.  I tried…I really did.  I wanted to be offended that she wouldn’t take no for an answer.  But I just couldn’t take offense.  I told her that her sales persona was very effective, but that I just didn’t want to spend the money even though I liked the product.  She gave me a quick hug and thanked me for stopping by.  I’m not one who enjoys hugs from strangers, but even that didn’t offend me.  I think this girl has a very strong future in sales.

Okay, I know my hands aren’t anywhere near as pretty as the hands in the other picture, but my nails aren’t bad.  Hmm…think I’m going to have to use my hand lotion a little more faithfully.

A cute new do makes everything better

Modern Social Security card.

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My ongoing struggles with the Social Security Administration and the BMV (this is fodder for another blog) have had me wanting to pull my hair out.  So today I decided to see my stylist for a new do…figured that’s got to be better than pulling my hair out.   And it was!  I had an idea for a new style and she took that idea and improved it.  The results were so, so cute.  She just kept saying that this was the cutest style for me that we’d ever come up with.  It’s short with kind of wispy, fringey thing going around the face…too cute!!

That certainly improved my mood after battling government agencies most of the day yesterday and getting nowhere.  I’m taking all of my paperwork in tomorrow to see if we can get things straightened out.  If not, well…somehow I’ll manage to figure it out.  There’s got to be a way to prove that I’m not any kind of terrorist and that I really am who I say I am…okay, I’m stopping…it’ll get resolved…the new do has given me a new sense of  resolve and, well, cuteness!!

BzzAgent…first campaign

I signed up with BzzAgent.com to try actual products, share my opinions, and often coupons, with my friends and give honest reviews of the products I try.  I thought it sounded like a fun way to get to try new products and possibly have some influence over what companies produce.

My first campaign is with CoverGirl‘s new NatureLuxe collection.  I received my kit yesterday…

…a full-sized tube of the NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and a full-sized tube of the NatureLuxe Gloss Balm, information about the products and five coupons to share with my friends.

In reading about the foundation, I really like that it’s made with a lot of natural ingredients such as jojoba and rosehip extracts.  I haven’t used a liquid foundation in several years.  When I discovered mineral foundation, I gave up the heavy liquid ones.  I’d always had problems with the heavier liquid foundations causing my skin to be irritated and break out.  Those problems disappeared when I began using mineral makeup.

So I’m a little leery of going back to a liquid foundation, but I’m going to give this a fair trial and report back honestly about whether or not I like it.  With that in mind, I used the new foundation yesterday and was surprised at how lightweight it felt on my skin.  It provided good coverage, actually better coverage than the mineral makeup I’ve been using, that lasted all day.  It was easy to apply with just a little tingle when I first put it on.

The color of the lip balm kind of scared me when I first saw it in the tube.  I’m very fair-skinned and bright lip colors just don’t work for me.  I was pleased with the soft look once I applied it though.  The color was nowhere near as intense on my lips as it was in the tube.  It wasn’t sticky at all and the color lasted for quite a while.  I can see myself using this every day for work.

So far, I’m pleased with the CoverGirl NatureLuxe products.  I’ll have to use the foundation for a couple of weeks to make sure it’s not going to cause problems with my skin, but I’ll definitely keep everyone updated regardless.  Now, which of my friends want those coupons to try these products for themselves?