The long and winding road to fitness, day 46

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A day off work…very nice.  I had to go back to the eye doctor…come on…I’m getting more than a little tired of this…one more trip to pick up the contacts that they had to order (should have just ordered them online…oh well), then I hope I don’t have to go back for a year.

After the visit with the eye doctor, I stopped at Kroger.  I really did need to do some grocery shopping after skipping it Saturday.  Once again, I spent a little more than I wanted to, but did buy a lot of fruit and veggies, more dark chocolate almond milk, cheese, bread, black beans, fish, frozen fruit bars, flatbread for pizza, a new coffee (that was my reward for writing every day in July) and creamer.  I’m going to take the coffee to work tomorrow and drink it iced.  Something new for me.

I also bought a bag of PopChips.  I think I’m going to have to stop buying those for now.  Over the course of the day, I ended up eating four servings…not disastrous, but not good either.  So I think they’ll just have to be off-limits for a while.  That usually works for me.  For some reason, there are certain foods that I have trouble just eating a single serving of…apparently PopChips are one of them.

One positive thing about my shopping trip, there were several products that I thought about buying until I read the nutrition label and saw either how many calories or how much sodium per serving.  Before I would have just tossed them in the cart and worried about it (or not) later.  Progress in baby steps…

I walked for 40 minutes today, intended to do more, but got wrapped up in other things.  Tomorrow is truck day at work, so that means a day long workout for me (and everyone else).  We’re going in early, so I’m sure I won’t get up early enough to work out before I go.  I suppose working the truck will have to suffice as a workout tomorrow. 

Do you read nutrition labels when you shop?  Does it influence whether or not you’ll purchase a product?

The long and winding road to fitness, day 42


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It was so nice to have the day off work…so nice, in fact, that I did a lot of nothing all day.  I didn’t even go to the grocery store…talked myself out of it.  When I realized I really didn’t need much, I decided to wait until Wednesday…I’ll stop at the store after my eye doctor appointment…hopefully this will be my final appointment with the eye doctor for a year.  The contacts feel great and my vision is good, well, except for the need for reading glasses when I’m trying to read things up close…ahh…the joys of getting older!

I took a long nap this afternoon.  I knew I was exhausted from the work week and it felt so good to be able to take a nap. Spooky was cuddled up beside me the entire time.  I feel like I’m finally refreshed and can tackle some chores tomorrow.  I did do a little house work today, but nothing too strenuous.

My eating was good today.  For lunch, I had fish, sweet potato fries and watermelon.  Along about 6 pm, I realized I was really hungry.  So I decided to mix up a smoothie for dinner.  I used half a frozen banana, some blueberries, strawberries and dark chocolate almond milk.  I should have thrown in a handful of spinach, but didn’t think of it until I was sipping it.  I tell you, those smoothies go a long way toward curbing my craving for ice cream.  I also had a serving of flaxseed crackers with Laughing Cow cheese to go along with the smoothie.  A pretty tasty dinner.  Sorry, no pictures.

I did absolutely no exercise today other than the little bit of housework I got in.  I just couldn’t get myself moving this morning.  I had plans to go for a walk, but if I don’t do that first thing in the morning, I usually don’t do it.  That’s really why I try to get my exercise in early in the day.  If I wait until later, I can come up with all kinds of reasons (okay, excuses) not to do it.  I really admire these people who work all day then slip on their running shoes and go out for a 5 mile run.  I’m usually too tired by the time I get home from work.  And yes, I know I’d probably feel energized if I would do some exercise after work.  But doing it in the morning works for me…well, except for today.

Tomorrow’s weigh in day…keeping my fingers crossed that I did enough this week to drop a pound or two.  I had a few days of not the best eating, so I hope that didn’t derail my efforts for the week.  I’ll let you all know in the morning.

What time do you think is the best time to exercise?  What works for you?

The long and winding road to fitness, day 39

almond milk

Holy moly..39 days!  I’m finally starting to feel like this is becoming a habit.  It’s not as much of a struggle as it was.  I’m not saying I don’t still struggle on occasion, but it’s not all day, every day.  And I’m able to bounce back from the not-so-good days quickly, not allowing those days to become weeks and negating all of my hard work.  It’s becoming easier to make the healthy choices, to do what needs to be done on a daily basis.  Good, good, good!

Today was a pretty good day.  My knee didn’t bother me too much at work, so that was a plus.  I didn’t prepare my lunch and snacks last night, so this morning I was rushing around trying to get ready, thought about just going out for lunch, then just grabbed a pouch of water packed tuna, a tomato, a pepper, and a whole wheat sub bun.  That ended up being my lunch…so not too bad.  Tonight I whipped up a smoothie using half a frozen banana, some frozen strawberries and dark chocolate almond milk…this was seriously like a milk shake, but better.  I’m thinking about making one to take to work tomorrow to have for lunch after being outside in the heat in the morning.

I didn’t get a lot of exercise in today.  I walked for a little over 15 minutes and that was it.  My knee was still a little iffy this morning and I was afraid to overdo it.  I did get a lot of walking in at work today again, as usual.  Trying to get things done for tomorrow’s truck and get the stockroom cleaned out at the same time.  It never ends…

So what’s your quick, I’m late, running out the door lunch?  Do you prepare and pack your lunch the night before or try to make time to do it while you’re rushing around in the morning?