650 Posts…who would have thunk it?


Writing (Photo credit: courosa)

Haha…650 posts published…that’s with several months of daily writing and a few months of very little writing, guess it all averages out, huh?    I’ve been at this for a while…not sure it’s helped anyone else, but I’m pretty sure I’ve received the equivalent of several months of therapy sessions from my writing…not going to complain about that…didn’t cost me anything and didn’t have to turn anything in to my insurance…not too shabby, huh?

I think writing about whatever is going on in my life, or whatever has happened in the past (and how it still affects me), or my hopes and dreams, well…writing about anything enables me to step back and view things from a different perspective.  You know how everything seems to be in crisis mode when we’re in the midst of it?  Well, taking the time to think it through enough to write about it let’s me take a deep breath and understand that most things aren’t as dire as they seem at the time.

Combine the benefits of writing with the “wisdom” of getting older (stop laughing, this grey-underneath-the-hair-color has to count for something) and I think life is somehow smoother now than it was 20 years ago, the waves aren’t quite as choppy…or maybe I’ve just figured out how to ride them out a little better without fearing for my life.

So I figure I’ll keep writing…for my own well-being, for fun, for a way to reach out to others and share a little corner of my world, and maybe I’ll eventually get around to getting those books published.  Set those goals and work toward them.  You can’t do it all at once, but you can do a little every day.

Snow? On day 12 of NaNo?


WHITE CHRISTMAS (Photo credit: Zellaby)

Indeed, we did have snow this morning…for a while.  Nothing major and nothing that stuck around, but still…it was so funny, “White Christmas” had just come on the music in the store when I walked to the front of the store and saw that it was snowing…strange!! By the time I left, the sun was shining, but the temp was rapidly falling…brr…

Day 12 of NaNoWriMo wasn’t all that successful…I did write…a little over 1400 words, enough to get me past that halfway mark.  But the story wasn’t unfolding the way I wanted it to.  I couldn’t get the words to come tonight.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I’ll be going in to work extra early tomorrow…lots of work to do, always.  And I’m hoping to take Wednesday off, maybe sleep half the day…sounds like a plan to me.  I guess it kind of depends on whether or not the zone vice president decides to visit our district this week…whew!!  Seems like I’m pretty popular with all of these important folks coming to visit, doesn’t it?

Perfect autumn day and day 11 of NaNo

English: Bow Bridge over The Lake in Central P...

English: Bow Bridge over The Lake in Central Park on Thanksgiving Day 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was almost 60 degrees when I left for work this morning (oh, at around 5:30 this morning), not too bad for less than two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Other than it being pretty windy today, it was a gorgeous fall day.  Of course, I was at work all day, but I still made it outside a few times to check things out.  I don’t want to talk about tomorrow though, a drop of about 30 degrees and possible snow in the evening…what?  I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

Work flew by today, couldn’t believe how fast the day went.  After I finished setting the ad and had started on some other projects, I got a call from my boss (hmm…do I still call him that while he’s gone to another store and I’m acting manager at our store?  Not sure about the protocol for that.)  Anyhow…he told me that the district manager had just left his store and was on his way down to visit us!  Yikes!!  I’d have never figured that one since we just saw him on Thursday…It’s pretty good to have friends in the know, isn’t it?  So we had a good visit with the DM, got a good score on the visit, and lots and lots of customers in the store.

When I sat down to write my story for NaNo, I knew where the story was going.  This was a scene I’d been thinking about for quite some time.  So, in some ways, it was easier to write…you know, I didn’t have to think it through, didn’t have to wonder what was going to happen.  But I was surprised at how difficult it was to write.  I guess I’m emotionally invested in this one, I sure didn’t want that little boy to go through what he was getting ready to face…but…I got it going and faced my emotions.  I’m probably about a third of the way through this scene right now and I don’t think it will get any easier to write…I’ve kind of got that fluttery, uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach about what the kid is going to have to deal with.  I just keep telling myself this is all going to make him into the man he’ll become.  So, we’ll see how tomorrow’s writing goes.

I did manage to pound out another 2047 words today, not going to complain about that.  Now if I can get this crazy kitten to stop jumping up on my while I’m trying to write.  And I’ve got a question for anyone who’s writing a lot (NaNo or other writing), anyone else have an eye twitch?  Mine’s driving me crazy!

Does anybody really know what day it is? Why, day 9 NaNo, of course

Conference calls 'till eternity

Conference calls ’till eternity (Photo credit: craig1black)

I had the day off work today (well, sort of…lots of phone calls from work and a conference call I had to take from home) and managed to take care of a few things I’d been putting off.  Got the oil changed and car checked out for winter.  Took the cats down to the office (of the complex where I live) to have their picture taken and get their latest immunizations on file.  Yeah, you can just imagine how much fun that was!  I didn’t get as much done around the house as I wanted to, but hey, I’m starting to get used to that.

As far as NaNoWriMo goes, yep, I did write.  But it was really a struggle today.  The words didn’t come easy, in fact I had to drag them out one by one, kicking and screaming.  I did manage to put down 1739 words today (and maybe six of them were worth anything), for a total of 21764…not bad, huh?

Right now, I’m sitting here stifling yawns (pretty much unsuccessfully), think I’ll be making my way up the stairs to my bedroom before too much longer.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It’s supposed to be in the lower 70s here tomorrow…wow~

Too tired to think

Dervish Sufi Order

Dervish Sufi Order (Photo credit: pmorgan)

Holy moly, I am one exhausted chick tonight.  Worked almost 12 hours again after getting way too little sleep last night.  I’m seriously going to bed early tonight…like really soon.  I don’t care what it says on the clock.  Don’t tell me it’s too early to go to bed.  I need sleep.

So, in that oh so tired vein, I haven’t written anything for NaNo today…not one single word. And I can’t even make myself feel bad about it.  This is exactly why I wrote like a whirling dervish over the weekend, knew there would be days like this.  See, every once in a while I come up with a good plan…

And, as a special little treat…my district manager is going to be visiting my store tomorrow.  Yes!!

Election day and NaNo, day 6

A polling place at a recreation center in New ...

A polling place at a recreation center in New Jersey’s 2008 general election (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, did you vote?  I was there at a little after 6 this morning, thinking I’d get in and out quickly then head out to work.  My polling place was the neighborhood grade school, very close to where I live.  As I was driving up the street toward the school, I glanced over at the parking lot and thought, “Holy moly!  That’s a lot of cars.”   I parked and got out of my car and walked toward the lighted doors.  When I opened the door, I looked up and saw the line running the full length of the hallway where it disappeared around a corner.  Actually the line had snaked down one side of the hall and the end of the line was curved around along the opposite wall.  One of the poll workers was talking about what everyone needed as far as ID was concerned and that there was a map on the wall that listed the 3 precincts voting at this location.  He then lifted his hands over his head and excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like this.  This is so cool!”  That brought more than a few chuckles from the crowd.

As the line inched its way forward, I eventually made it to the corner.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the line continue down another hall!  Wow!  Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like that.  There have been many elections when I walked into the polling place and saw only the volunteers, sometimes one or two voters.

I finally got to cast my vote (surprisingly on paper ballots rather than a voting machine) then made my way back out.  The line was just as long as it was when I had arrived.  Pretty cool.

I posted this on Facebook earlier this evening and thought I’d share it here too.  While I was still waiting in line, a young girl (she looked like she was young enough that this was her first election) and her mother came out after casting their votes.  The girl handed her phone to a guy waiting in line and asked if he would take a picture of them.  They both put on their “I voted” stickers and posed for that special picture.  To see how excited that girl was to have cast her ballot, that, to me, is a big part of what is right with our system (yes, there is a lot that is wrong, for sure), that we have the right to vote and that our votes really do count.  (Well..there is that pesky thing called the electoral college…boo)  Anyhow, as I looked around at the people waiting in line with me, we weren’t thinking of each other as enemies, we weren’t being hateful or nasty, we were all just there to peacefully cast our votes…to exercise our rights and to live up to our responsibilities.  And that’s a pretty cool thing!

Now on to NaNo…I did manage to write a little over 1650 words tonight…unfortunately, pretty much all of them were crap.  Even as I was writing them, I was thinking how terrible it was.  But I did sit down and write…probably nothing that will ever see the light of day…oh, is this my inner editor giving me a hard time?  Could be…

But I am over 18,000 words, so that’s something.  Now, do I dare go to bed and wait until tomorrow to hear the election results?  Oh, what am I talking about, they probably won’t know the results for who knows how long.

Stuffy nose, watery eyes and NaNo, day 5

English: The front of CVS #4191

English: The front of CVS #4191 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whew…this was a tough day to get through at work.  My eyes were watering all day.  I had more than one customer ask me if everything was okay (kind of nice that they care though, you know?).  I kept having to go back into the office to blow my nose.  Eventually my head started pounding.  One of the girls I work with told me to go to CVS to get Benadryl, another said Benadryl didn’t do anything for her, to get Sudafed.  Someone else said to get a nasal spray.  You know, they were all trying to help, but I couldn’t keep it all straight.

After I got off work, I went to CVS where I stood there reading those little cards that tell you what the different meds are for…it still didn’t really make sense to me, so I just picked one up that said non-drowsy (did you know that some of those medicines cost over $30?  I mean, I’m not talking about a prescription…sheesh!) and headed to the pharmacy counter.  The girl working there was nice and said she hoped I got to feeling better soon.  Yeah, me too!

Came home, fed the cats, threw a load of laundry in the washer, downed a pill with some oj, and decided I’d try to go to sleep for a little while.  I just kind of tossed and turned, then picked up my Kindle and finished reading a book.  I guess they weren’t kidding when they said non-drowsy!

When I came back downstairs, I figured I’d better sit down at the computer and try to get a few words in while I could still think (sort of).  I did alright, nothing like I did over the weekend.  I did have one line that I really liked…not sure if some of my more religious friends would consider it to be sacrilegious, but I could see a little kid thinking like this…

Concerning how he broke his arm  (abuse from his father), “…he knew he shouldn’t lie because Jesus told us not to, but he was more afraid of his dad than he was of Jesus.”  I could see myself thinking like that when I was a kid…you?

Anyhow, I ended up writing a little over 1300 words tonight which puts me at a little over 16500.  Not too shabby.  And now I’m going to get away from the computer and try my best to rest my weary, dry, itchy, hurting eyes.  See you tomorrow, chicas and chicos!!

And don’t forget to vote!!  This long election season is almost over (maybe).