My lifelong love affair…

…with soap…seriously.  I’ve always loved different and unique soap.  And nowadays there are so many different handcrafted soaps out there that you could use a different soap every day.

A year or so ago, a customer brought in a bar of her green tea soap for me…all I had done was give her a call when we got this big, huge, gigantic tub of soap making stuff in…and she was so appreciative that she  wanted me to try her soap.  She raises the herbs that she uses in her products…which, as someone who used to have a good-sized herb garden, I think is pretty cool.

Then last week I won a giveaway (have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy giveaways?) for a bar of handcrafted, organic soap…it came today…haven’t used it yet, but it smells delish… out what they have to offer if you have the time…








unique soap










I’ll be trying this tomorrow night…it smells so good…invigorating…

So do you use soap or body wash?



CVS, Friday the 13th was a good shopping day

A CVS/pharmacy in New York City that is open 24/7

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Ran into CVS early this morning.  I wanted to get the Ziploc bags since I just used my last one yesterday.  I also had my $5 off of a $25 purchase coupon that I wanted to take advantage of.   Yesterday, I received my John Frieda hair color coupon (good for a free box, and that stuff is kind of expensive…it was on sale for $12.49 and I paid nothing for it, except tax).  So I knew I was going to be able to hit the $25 threshold easily, and I did.  My order would have been $38.75.  I ended up paying $3.22 after coupons and ECBs…and came away with another $4 in ECBs for a future purchase.

So, not bad for 2 boxes of Ziploc freezer bags, 2 boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags, a box of hair color, 2 bags of Cheetos (I left one at work), and a bottle of iced tea (drank that at work).  Who says Friday the 13th brings bad luck?  They obviously weren’t shopping at CVS today!

Saving and losing

Ahh…looks like we may have a day without rain..hard to believe, I know, but that’s what they’re saying about tomorrow.  The clouds actually disappeared and the sun finally reappeared this afternoon.

I managed to get in quite a bit of exercise today…exercise bike and lower body strength training this morning, walking on the treadmill this afternoon, some silly dancing this evening…that silly dancing sure put a smile on my face.  How could I have forgotten how much I enjoy music and dancing? 

Prepared a pasta/veggie dish to take to work for the rest of the week..not the best thing I’ve ever made, but certainly not the worst either.  I had some fresh veggies I wanted to use before they went bad (broccoli and mushrooms), so I added them to veggie pasta with some sauce, onion, garlic and mozzarella cheese.  I probably would like it more if I hadn’t put the broccoli in it.  I don’t really know why I continue to buy broccoli when I don’t particularly like it…because it’s supposed to be so good for you?  Guess I need to find another veggie that is just as good for me but that I like a lot more…

I got some fun stuff in my mailbox the past couple of days

A sizeable sample of Tide stain release, a Salonpas pain patch, a coupon for a free package of Uncle Ben’s rice, and a Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner and Serum.  Not a bad couple of days, huh?  I also got in on a giveaway on facebook today for a free Pilates dvd and found out I was the winner of a giveaway on The Prudent Patron.  I won the Charmies online giveaway…very cute jewelry charms…looking forward to doing some shopping at Charmies!!

I’m excited to report that I’m finally gaining some control over my eating.  I  thought about preparing pizza today, but quickly opted for the pasta dish instead.  I was able to eat just one serving of that whereas I might have eaten a couple of servings of the pizza.  I think that’s a certain amount of progress, to know that I would be tempted to eat more than I should and avoid the situation.

So…a nice day of sunshine, saving money, losing weight, and gaining fitness…a pretty good Tuesday!

Freebies in my mailbox today

I love getting free stuff!  When the rain let up for a few minutes today, I walked down to the mailbox and was excited to come back to the house with a bundle of  mail…several magazines (okay, technically those aren’t freebies, but I enjoy them), a sample of Curel (with a coupon), a coupon for a free Glade product from their new spring collection, and my favorite goodie of the day…the full-size container of EOS hand lotion that I won on a Facebook contest.

I had never used the EOS hand lotion (and isn’t that just the cutest little container that it comes in?), but I really like it.  I’ll definitely be using those coupons..yeah, yeah, one of them says to share with a friend, but that’s not going to happen!


Kirkwood Ave. in Bloomington, IN. http://art.a...

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I love entering giveaways and have had some success with actually winning quite a few (a case of Better Oats, a case of Celestial Seasonings tea, EOS hand lotion, Soft Scrub,  Starbucks gift card, Coffee Mate, Purex Crystals, Avon Anew skin care kit, Mission tortilla chips, Oscar Meyer carving board meat, Clinique mascara, and lots of coupons for free products).  I’m always surprised when I receive the notification that I’ve won something.  It’s such a thrill to get something useful for nothing (except for the little bit of time invested in actually completing the entry process).

Today I want to let everyone know about a giveaway that one of my Bloomington blogging buddies is hosting.  If you haven’t read Back to Her Roots, I highly recommend it…Cassie always has great photos, some of the best recipes around, and now even giveaways!  Check out her latest giveaway as well as her wonderful blog…

And good luck with the giveaway should you decide to enter…although I have to tell you, I’d really, REALLY like to win this one myself!!