Ahh…NaNo completed!! I’m a winner~

Yep, I finally managed to complete my 50,000+ words for the month of November.  I had meant to sit down for 3 sessions today, but ended up not getting any writing done at all.  Then I sat down at around 6 pm and knocked out around 5000 words.  And it was actually a really good stopping place.  There are several more scenes I want to add.  I kind of left out about two years of that little boy’s life.  My plan is to have that novel be about the first five years of his life, then write the next one encompassing his growing up years.  Hey, it’s good to have a plan, right?








I feel a sense of accomplishment and, yes I’ll admit it, relief that I finished.  A big sigh of relief.  Now maybe I can clean my house.  Because when you’re working so many hours six days a week, then writing almost every night, something has to give.  For me, that was housework.  So I have some catching up to do.  Too bad I didn’t do a better job training those crazy cats to clean house.  They may not be much on housework, but they do like their basketball…Scout joined me watching the big game last night.  And yes, for any of you out of touch with college basketball…the Indiana Hoosiers won once again!  Oh yeah!

Hoosier kitty

Ahh…finally…Hoosier Hysteria

IU Hoosiers!

Yep, this post has nothing to do with writing, but everything to do with a long-time love of mine…Indiana University basketball.  Tonight was the big event to kick off the basketball season…I couldn’t go (even though I live in Bloomington), but they streamed it so I did get to sit in front of my computer for a couple of hours and enjoy the festivities.

For you non-basketball fans out there, Indiana is pre-season #1!  That’s a pretty big deal!  It’s an especially big deal when you consider where the program was just four short years ago.  Hoosier Nation has pretty high expectations for this team and it looks like the kids on the team have worked hard in the off-season.

I had to work today and Hoosier Hysteria was what just about everyone was talking about.  If you’re not from Indiana, you just don’t understand how huge basketball is…how we grow up living and breathing Indiana basketball…how we bleed cream and crimson…how we find ourselves humming the Indiana school song at totally random moments.

Anyhow…I know I’ve been focused on writing of late…but this sure was a fun way to spend the evening!!  Go Hoosiers!

All is right in the college basketball world

IU Coach Tom Crean

IU Coach Tom Crean (Photo credit: Indiana Public Media)

…well, if you’re a Hoosier, that is.  Zeller and Watford have both decided to stay in school (wise decision, fellas).  And that means that the top 5 scorers from last season’s Sweet 16 team will all be back on the hardwood next season!   One of the top recruiting classes in the nation is coming in for next season.  (Have you guys seen Yogi Ferrell play?  Holy moly, this kid is amazing!!)  IU is being picked by a lot of the experts as pre-season #1!!  Got to hand it to Tom Crean, he’s made believers of the players and the fans!  Hoosier Nation is alive and well…and anxiously awaiting midnight madness…I’ll have to stop and figure out exactly how many days to go before that explosive event!

Oh yeah, and I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the recruit that UK (Kentucky, for all of you non-college basketball fans out there) wanted more than anyone else (Shabazz Muhammad) has opted to attend UCLA…what a shame!  I guess all of that talk about it being a done deal for UK was just…well…talk.

Am I looking forward to next season?  Heck yeah!! And Simone, I have to think that I may just convert you…Hoo…Hoo…Hoo…Hoosiers!!!

Basketball fever

Center of the Basketball Universe

Center of the Basketball Universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am a lifelong, die-hard Indiana University Hoosiers basketball fan…from the time I was a kid (yep, all those years ago).  We lived way out in the middle of nowhere, had a black and white television hooked up to an antennae…could only get the 3 major networks and one little Indianapolis station…fortunately for us, back then that station carried the IU games…all of them that weren’t on network tv.  With announcers who were partisan IU fans…Bob Knight was the coach…players like Scott May, Quinn Buckner and Kent Benson led IU to a national championship in 1976 (should have been, would have been, the second championship had May not been injured late in the previous season)…and, might I add, that was also the last team to make it through the entire season undefeated…there have been a lot of really great teams to play the game of college basketball in the past 36 years, but none that could match what that team accomplished.

Having said that, this IU team is pretty darn special in its own right.  This is a team that has faced tremendous adversity, a team that had to completely rebuild the program, that had to work hard for every single accomplishment, that continued to battle through 3 tough losing seasons…through it all, they never gave up, they continued to work hard, to improve individually and collectively.  No one gave them anything…they worked for everything they’ve achieved.  This group of seniors is making its first NCAA run.  The naysayers said they would lose their first game last week…in part because this is uncharted territory for every player on this team, they don’t have talented point guards, they aren’t as athletic as some of the other teams…and so on…

All year, this group of guys has proven the talking heads wrong…they seem to thrive on the doubters, on no one believing they can win…they relish the role of underdog.  Yes, they are, once again, the underdogs in their upcoming game.  When I hear certain analysts declare that IU doesn’t have a chance against UK Friday night in Atlanta, I just smile.  I seem to remember they didn’t have a prayer in that game played back on Dec 10 either, but somehow came out victorious.

Will they win Friday night?  I don’t know any more about that than those guys on ESPN and CBS…but I do know that this team has brought Indiana back to the national stage…the right way…that they’ll put their all into this match up, they won’t just meekly roll over simply because the team they’re playing is purported to be better than some pro teams.  They know they can beat this team…they know it because they’ve already done it!

Whatever happens the rest of the way in this tournament…I just want to say…Indiana Hoosiers…love us or hate us…we’re back!!

For the glory of old IU

Center of the Basketball Universe

Image via Wikipedia

Okay, today’s post is going to be a little bit of a departure from my usual focus.  I’m basking in the glow of a huge victory for Indiana University basketball tonight.  The Hoosiers were able to knock off #1 Kentucky just down the road from my house tonight.  An unbelievably exciting game, kind of wish I could have been there.

I’ve been a Hoosiers basketball fan since I was a kid, back in the early Bob Knight years, through 3 national championships, through the firing of Knight and the promotion of Davis, Davis leaving and the hiring of Sampson (which, by the way, I thought was a huge mistake at the time and, unfortunately, was proven correct in that view) and the decimation that Sampson’s actions brought to a proud, tradition filled program.

When Tom Crean was hired as the head basketball coach, I had hope that he would be able to restore the program to its proper place in the basketball world.  The first couple of seasons were tough…I think most of us realized this would be a process that would take some time, but I’m not big on patience.  I continued supporting the team, watching the games (not enjoying most of them, actually felt like I was suffering through them), and hoping, hoping, hoping.

Well, tonight…tonight all of that waiting and suffering and hoping paid off.  A huge win over arch rival Kentucky shows that the boys are back.  I’ve always heard that Irish eyes are smiling, well, tonight it’s Hoosier eyes that are smiling…and I’m sure we’ll still be smiling in the morning.  I’m going to borrow something from my nephew…welcome back to the dance, Indiana!!