Where have I been?

…and how could I have stayed away so long?

Well, I’ve been at home and at work…oh, and doctors’ offices.  Other than the grocery store, CVS, and Pet Smart, that’s just about it.  Still not feeling great.  I think the respiratory issues that have been plaguing me for several years have eased up.  Could be all these crazy herbal concoctions I’ve been making and taking…maybe…Now if only I could find something to get rid of the pain.

Yep, the pain is still hanging around.  If anything, it’s getting worse.  My PCP actually ordered x-rays of my shoulders (rheumatologist kept talking about it but didn’t do anything about it).  The x-rays didn’t show anything really terribly wrong other than osteoarthritis, but I’m seriously wondering if an MRI would show something else.  I need to sit down and do some research on this.  I’ve had several folks tell me that their doctors have told them (you know, that whole “well, I heard it from her who heard it from him who read it in that article…”) that often x-rays aren’t the most reliable diagnostic tool for shoulder injuries.  So, research before I see the rheumy in June is in order, I do believe.

There are days when I have a very difficult time even lifting my arms.  My PCP put in a diagnosis of frozen shoulder.  When I read info about that, I can see how that would be a possibility.  She put in an order for physical therapy.  Three or four days a week for two or three months…yikes.  When I called the insurance company to make sure it was covered, the lady on the phone was just so happy to tell me that it was.  Good, right?  Um…well…hold on a minute.  When I asked what my fees would be, she told me $50.  Alright, I can swing fifty bucks.  Then something made me ask if that would be my total cost.  Then she said, “Per visit.”  Hold on, hold on…so we were looking at $150 to $200 a week for two or three months.  No can do.  I just can’t afford that.  So I called my doctor back and told her.  She printed out some exercises for me to do at home.  I’ve been doing them, but honestly am feeling more pain now than when I started.  That’s what makes me wonder if there’s something hidden that’s causing the problems.  But I’m going to continue with the exercises my doctor told me about.  After all, the initial physical therapy order was for two or three months, so I’ll give it that.

Green juice

Green juice

In the meantime, I’m making a serious effort to eat much, much healthier.  More fruits and veggies, less sugar (the aim is to eliminate as much sugar from my diet as possible as sugar seems to feed inflammation).  I’ve been drinking herbal infusions…some pretty good…some, oh shall we say…not so good?  I’ve always been interested in the healing power of food and herbs and my health problems have brought me back to seriously studying both.  I feel like I’m learning a lot, but I’m being cautious to get information from several reputable sources.  There’s so much out there that has no scientific backing and, while I’m not the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest proponent, I am a believer in scientific studies and findings.  There are several herbalists who have been doing this for years and who combine their working knowledge of herbal remedies with the science behind why certain herbs are beneficial in certain situations.  I’m even taking some classes and seminars…I’d lost track of how much I enjoy learning.

Just wanted to update my pals (that’s you all) with what’s been going on and why I haven’t been around a lot.  I’m definitely going to make the effort to post on a more timely schedule.  Maybe not every day…heck, what am I saying?  Definitely not every day, but at least a few times a week.  So see you the next go-round.

8 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having so much trouble. I wish I had something to offer other than a big *HUG*. Which you can have any time you need one.

    • Aww…thanks so much. I’m okay…still finding lots to enjoy in life…do need to get busy and write more though…you know, “writing, take me away.”

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re having so much pain! I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago, and the ONLY way to see if there is soft tissue damage is to have an MRI.
    Sending you a big hug!

    • Yeah, that’s what I keep hearing. I think my doctors are so focused on the OA and RA that they’re overlooking the chance that it could be something entirely different. How are you doing a couple years after your shoulder surgery?

      • Doing well now, but for the first year I thought I made a mistake having the surgery. It will never be the same, but at least the pain doesn’t keep me up at night any more or stop me from doing things with that arm. I hope they get to the bottom of whatever it is that’s hurting you.

    • Well, I’m glad you’re finally doing better. The not being in terrible pain every day would be huge! I figure I’ll end up having surgery at some point. My non-medical opinion is that I have something wrong with the tendons…not sure why the doctors don’t seem to see it my way…must be all of those framed diplomas hanging on their walls 😉

  3. Good to hear from you! One thing I learned at PT was once you learn the exercises you can do them at home–unless you need someone else to physically move an arm or leg for you. Glad your doctor gave you some exercises. Do you ice your shoulder afterward? Sometimes icing before and after helps.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much what my doctor said about being able to do the exercises at home. Fortunately I’m not quite to the point of having to have someone move my arms…whew! I haven’t been icing my shoulders…guess I should give it a try. Thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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