Decluttering challenge, day 15

I decided to get with it last night and quickly gather the 15 items I would need for today’s challenge.  I walked back into my spare room, thinking I’d dig through the closet again.  Then I saw one of the book shelves.  Mmm hmm…I know I can find some books to get rid of.  I went to the hall closet and picked up a plastic bag and headed back into the spare room.

Of course, in my mind, I have been planning to sell some of my books, at least the ones that are in good condition.  So I didn’t even look at those.  Instead, I gravitated toward the books I’d purchased used, deciding to make a quick trip to Goodwill with those.  I didn’t even give this a lot of thought.  Didn’t page through the books.  Didn’t deliberate, didn’t question whether or not I might want to read each book again.  I was quickly able to gather the 15 books I needed, then decided to go ahead and pick up another 10.  A grand total of 25 books will be dropped off at Goodwill when I get off work today.

Books, books, and more books

Books, books, and more books

Anyone interested in the number of items I’ve managed to let go of in 15 days?  Well, I’ll tell you anyhow.  In 15 days, I’ve eliminated 152 items from my home.  Not too shabby, huh?  Now in the interest of honesty, I didn’t even consider getting rid of books by my favorite authors.  I don’t know about you, but I often reread books that I particularly like.  How about it?  Do you have favorite authors or books that you just won’t let go of?

6 Responses

  1. Some books are meant to be kept. 🙂 You are freeing up some space! Good job.

    • That’s how I’m going to look at it. If only you could see how many books I have though…maybe I should take pictures of my overflowing book cases…

  2. I’ve kept my Complete Works of Shakespeare and similar volumes to read if I’m ever stranded on a deserted island. But seriously, the print is so small. My only excuse for keeping real books the remote possibility of a cyber attack wipes out all ebooks. 🙂

    • Well…it COULD happen…I will admit that I bought some of the classics with the thought that there could come a time when I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy books…yeah, I know…libraries…

  3. I’m usually quick to pass good fiction books to friends, but I hold onto nonfiction books I find inspirational. If something gives me hope, then I’ll probably read it again.

    Great job with clearing your house of clutter, by the way. We’ve only been in our house for two years and haven’t gathered a lot of stuff yet, buy my in laws house is another story. They’ve been in their place since they were first married and they have SO much junk. They decided last year that they wanted to move and the realtor told them they had to get rid of lots of stuff. My hubby and I flew out there to help them, but it didn’t go well. In fact, they decided not to move after all. It’s too bad, because they really can’t manage their big old house anymore, but apparently moving is even more daunting for them.

    Have a great weekend! Celeste 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh I need to do this! Not just with books either. So much stuff accumulates and by the time you realize you are your of space it seems a dauntingly task to even start. I think I will take your advice and begin with baby steps. 🙂

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