Decluttering challenge, day 8

Here we are starting the second week of this decluttering challenge.  I feel like I’ve made some progress, have dug up quite a few items that are no longer useful to me and have actually managed to get them out of my home and my life.  Being the 8th, I needed to find eight items to get rid of.  I once again went to the closet of my spare room where I quickly pulled out several things that had been stored there for several years. I didn’t even have to give it a lot of thought.  I knew it was time to get those things out of my house and into someone else’s who might enjoy seeing them on a daily basis.  Isn’t that much better than having something just sitting in a dark closet, taking up space, not bringing joy to anyone?  I think it is.

So today what did I find?

Amish family

Amish family

First, I found this three-piece Amish family.  I don’t remember where I bought it, but I remember they used to sit on a long shelf in my dining room when I had my house in Mitchell.  I always thought they made such a cute grouping and I enjoyed them at that time in my life.  But they’ve been sitting in a box in a closet for years, many years.  I think there are still people who would enjoy adding this little family to their home so I’m dropping them off at Goodwill.

Cute, but not for me.

Cute, but not for me.

What else did I find today?  Let’s see, a little winter bear (price tag still on it, looks like I never did anything with it).  And a Native American Barbie minus the stand and one of her boots.  Both of these items are going to be given to Clara at some point in time.  I’ve decided I’ll give her something once or twice a week,  things I’ve found that are in good shape and that a little girl of 5 or 6 would love. And yes, this would also save me some money.  I’ve pretty much stopped buying things for her.  Instead, I’ve been printing off coloring and activity pages and giving her crafting supplies.  I want her to understand that I am her friend whether or not I spend money on her.  Okay, enough about that.

I also found 3 very pretty crosses that you hang on the wall.  I know someone gave me these for a gift, but I never really had a place to hang them.  I hated the thought of giving them away (come on, they were a gift), but then I realized my keeping them in a box in the closet wasn’t really showing my appreciation for the gift either.  So I decided to drop them off at Goodwill where I’m certain someone will snatch them up and make good use of them.  This may be just the thing someone needs to brighten their days.

So there you have it.  Eight more items gone from my house and my life.  That brings the grand total to 57 items released in eight days.  Not bad for a few minutes of work a day, huh?


4 Responses

  1. You are a woman on a mission! Our ski machine is leaving, to be replace by a new treadmill. There’s more stuff that needs a new home stashed in that room, hopefully I can stay on task and make it a joy to work out in there.

    • I am on a mission and it feels good (and can’t you just hear James Brown in your head right now?). I’m getting rid of my ski machine too…I’m so darn short that it’s never really worked for me anyhow, and it really, really bothers my hip. Need to get some pictures and post it for sale…writing that down on my to-do list for this weekend.

      A new treadmill, huh? Now that I’m finally, finally starting to feel a little better it’s time to climb back on my nearly new treadmill and slowly get back into it.

      Sounds like we’re both on missions…

  2. You’re inspiring me. I need to do what you’re doing–my tendency is to try and do it all at once, which makes it overwhelming. I think I’ll do this, or at least try to clean out ONE drawer, ONE box, etc.

    • Oh my goodness, yes…when I try to do it all at once, I end up giving up because it’s just too much. This way is even kind of fun, if decluttering can be considered fun. It’s at least fun to think about what to do with the things I’ve gathered up and how they’ll bring a little joy to others. Go for it, and then keep us informed about your progress…and above all else, have fun with it!

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