Decluttering challenge, day 6

Wow!  With the nasty weather that’s moved in here in central Indiana, I almost didn’t get this post published.  I’m in Bloomington, south of Indianapolis.  We didn’t get the huge amounts of snow that Indy got, but we had a nasty, slushy, icy mess with snow on top of it.  And then the “polar vortex” moved in…yeah, I’m thinking you all can keep anything with the word polar in it as far north as possible, thank you very much.  Right now, our wind chills are about -40 F…I haven’t even opened my door today and I’m still struggling to breathe.  Honestly, I am much more concerned about the bitter cold air than the snow.  I grew up out in the middle of nowhere and drove on snow-covered roads (narrow, hilly, cliff-hugging roads) every winter.  But the cold?  With the respiratory problems I’ve had over the past few years?  Yeah, not a lot good going on there for me.  Fortunately I was able to call in without adding too much extra work for the people I work with, we ended up not being busy…so that makes me feel a little better.  Well, better other than the thought of how much I could have accomplished on a not busy day at work.  But…such is life…we take what we’re given and do the best we can.

Now, on to the decluttering.  I thought about it a couple of times over the course of the day, but didn’t feel like getting up to search for anything.  I kept telling myself I’d just resort to getting rid of more magazines…boring!  When I finally went into the kitchen to do some dishes, I remembered I’d seen a couple of Cool Whip bowls in the pantry, so I grabbed those.  Then I opened the drawer where I keep my silverware and found a few old unused items languishing in the back of the drawer.  So I was quickly able to gather today’s 6 items.

useless kitchen gadgets

useless kitchen gadgets

The vegetable peeler is probably 30 years old.  I now use one that is easier on my hands.  Age will do that to you, huh?  Same with the little metal can opener on the left…older than the hills…actually rusted.  Hasn’t been used in years.  The other can opener is broken.  Why in the world I ever put that back in the drawer is anyone’s guess.  And the little red plastic thing?  Heck, I don’t even know what it is, much less why I kept it.  And two Cool Whip containers, minus lids.  Now you might just think those Cool Whip containers are totally worthless, but I’m taking them to work.  I was putting ice melt on the sidewalk yesterday morning and we didn’t have anything to scoop it out with.  I was using my bare hands and dumping it into a dust pan.  Not all that great for the manicure.  So at least the plastic containers will find a second life.  Now if only someone at work could tell me where they put the snow shovel…

At the end of 6 days (you realize that’s not even one week, right?), I’ve gotten rid of 39 items.  If I’m going to be honest, I must admit that today’s items haven’t actually left my house yet…heck, I haven’t even left my house yet today.  But as soon as the arctic cold temps move out, today’s items will be moving out as well.  I just wanted to make that clear…you know those pesky disclosure policies…

So has anyone else been decluttering or organizing?  How’s it going for you?

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  1. You did the right thing in not going out. That cold just sounds brutal.

    Congrats on the decluttering. I’ve been doing it, too. You inspire me!
    My items haven’t actually left my house either. I’m putting things in boxes and when I have a few, I’ll call a charity to come pick them up.

    I actually enjoy decluttering and reorganizing.

    Oh, the things that turn up. I found a bunch of cords today, but I have no idea what they belong to.

    • It is funny the things we save. I’m sure we had a good reason (or thought we did) when we first decided to save them, but then time passes and we forget things and then finally we have to laugh at ourselves as we throw out the forgotten items.

      I like organizing and decluttering too…I feel like I’ve accomplished something and it’s immediately visible. Now, once I tackle my closet and the spare room…woo…that’ll be some decluttering.

      • Be careful in the spare room! They can be scary! That’s where I put stuff for “when I get to it.” Oh, boy!

    • Haha, Lynn…yeah, I’ve got a lot of that for “when I get to it” stuff in my spare room too. I’ve got some ideas for some of it though…ideas that involve getting it out of my home yet keeping it out of the landfill. Then today I noticed just how huge my yarn stash is…yikes…I better dig out those crochet hooks and start hooking…

  2. I’m glad you didn’t have to go out. The Arctic air is headed here tomorrow, and I have a doctor’s appointment. At least the roads are clear, barring any precipitation.

    • I hope you make it out and back before you have any snow…stay warm…this cold is unbelievable.

      • I don’t think there’s snow in our forecast, at least, I hope not! You got enough for both of us. Take care.

    • I hope you’re right with the no snow for your area…enjoy your day out and about…well, the doctor’s visit isn’t usually all that much fun, but I bet you can find something to do afterwards…stay warm, my friend.

  3. Let me know if you need more cool whip containers. 🙂

    • Haha, Carol…I’ll be sure to do that…hope you’re having a good start to the new year.

    • Hey Carol, any day you can stay in your jammies is a good day. I dug out this super warm pair of microfleece jammies I bought for myself over a year ago (had hardly worn them, too warm at night)…they were just perfect last night. Oh, and they’re still feeling pretty perfect right now. May just stay in them until late afternoon when the temps are supposed to rise to an unbelievable 5 above zero. Probably should make an effort to get in my car at some point in time today. Honestly, times like this are the only times I miss having a guy around the house…haha!

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