Decluttering challenge, day 3

Here we are for another peek into the clutter that has attempted to take over my life.  It’s not going to happen though.  Nope.  I’m removing it one piece at a time.  Permanently.  And not replacing it with anything new (that’s why I thought January would be the perfect time for me to do a no spending month…no spending except for essentials.  I mean, you’ve got to feed the kitties, have gas for the car, pay your bills.  But you don’t have to buy that unbelievably expensive coffee or that cute pair of earrings, right?).

Anyhow, this was a little tougher for me today since I was battling a reaction to the antibiotics my doctor put me on.  I woke up with both eyes swollen, my cheeks and neck bright red, chest and upper arms were pink and itching.  Yep, had that happen before.  I took two Benadryl and called my doctor’s office.  They didn’t call me back until after noon, but that was okay since the two Benadryl knocked me out for over six hours.  When they did call, they told me not to take any more of that prescription (uhh…okay…) and that they’d called in a different one for me to take.  Oh, and that they’d added that particular antibiotic to my allergy list…good idea, huh?

I don’t know about anyone else, but Benadryl leaves me feeling groggy for hours after I take it.  So this was not a good day to try to get a lot done.  I was sitting up in my bed, leaning against the headboard, fooling around on my kindle, when I got the bright idea to clean out my nightstand.  Figured I’d surely be able to find three things in there to dispose of.  To my surprise, there really wasn’t much in there to actually get rid of…a couple of Sudoku books, a pencil, a pen, a flashlight, a tube of Chapstick, a bottle of lavender essential oil (cool…I’m getting into using essential oils), and some little advertisement booklets from Philosophy and Bare Minerals.  Love the products from both companies, but I’m not sure why I thought I needed to save the little booklets.  So…out go 5 cute little booklets that I don’t need in my life anymore.

Unneeded bedside reading material

Unneeded bedside reading material

So far I’ve freed my home of 23 items in the first three days of January.  I kind of feel like I’ve been just getting rid of the little things.  And goodness knows, there are plenty of not so little things I want out of my home too.  I keep thinking I should sell them.  You know, get a little something back on the money I’ve wasted on things I didn’t really need and apparently didn’t even want.  Am I using the thought of selling things as a way to hold on to them…you know, until?  Until I figure out where the best place to sell things would be?  Until I take pictures?  Until I take the time to sit down and post the things I want to sell?  Because you know, you’ve got to gather the stuff up, clean it up, take pictures, sit down and post the pictures and descriptions, then deal with all of the people who respond (hopefully).  I guess I’ve got to get myself ready to take that step if I plan to make even a tiny bit of money from this challenge.  But hey, I’ve got a four-day weekend  starting on the 11th.  That’s it!  I’ll do it then.  To prepare for it, I’ll begin gathering (and maybe cleaning, depending on how I feel when I come home from work) things I want to sell.  I could even do some of the photography.  Okay…that’s the plan.  That’s when the big stuff is gone…out of here…history…

Now that I’ve made that decision, I feel like I’m really doing this, not just piddling around (ha, my mom used to use that phrase a lot…not something I say very often in face-to-face conversations.  But I like it.  I may just add it to my everyday speech.).  Lesson for today:  Think about what you want and then make the decision to do whatever it takes to get it.

6 Responses

  1. Sorry you aren’t well. Hope it all clears up soon. Actually 23 items in 3 days is great! But I can relate to the wanting to see if you can sell the bigger stuff which requires some planning and figuring out how to do it. It seems easier sometimes just to give it away. “Piddling around” – my mother said that a lot too!

    • Funny, I just noticed that the wheezing that was my constant companion has eased up…yea! One year after Christmas, I went through all of the stuff I didn’t put out and donated it through freecycle…it was good to get rid of it, but was still a hassle what with the people who didn’t show up or who only wanted to take one or two things…Goodwill is easier…but I’m aiming for a little cash.

      • Not wheezing is great! Donating is usually easier. Trying to sell is much harder for the reasons you state. I’ve heard about the no-shows from other people.

  2. I don’t know if Bloomington has a home décor consignment shop but Franklin does. You leave items and you get 50% of what it sells for. I’ve been consigning all my clothes that are too big for awhile now. I’m going to start de-cluttering and take things to the consignment store. What doesn’t sell will be donated to charitable organizations. Also, the Purdue home extension at the fairgrounds has a huge garage sale in April. Just boxing up things I’m getting rid of makes me feel better.

    • Hey Margaret! It’s been way too long…hope all is well with you all. I did see Mary Ann before the holidays…wow! She looks fantastic!

      I’m going to check out your suggestion about the consignment shops…could probably make more money that way than the online yardsales…and they deal with the customers.

  3. I started off cleaning out the refrigerator. Lost track of # of things that got tossed (past the date, leftovers from before our trip). I even moved some of the shelves around, it looks much better in there! Today I broke down the shipping boxes we saved in case we needed them, now the chair fits under the desk again.

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