Kindle Fire…my newest toy

Kindle Fire: Out of the Box

Kindle Fire: Out of the Box (Photo credit: Brian Sawyer)

Who knew I’d need want another tech toy?  I mean really, how many ways do I need to be connected to the internet?  But I’ve been looking at them for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge.  I have to admit it’s pretty cool.   It was so easy to set up.  Maybe because I already had a Kindle eReader?  Anyhow, I’m pleased with it, with the look of the pictures, the speed, and how easy it is to use.  I may even read the user’s manual at some point in time, but maybe not.

I’m having fun with it.  Unfortunately, Clara came over and wanted to play with it.  When I told her no (hey, I’m selfish that way), she got mad.  Then she asked me if I’d buy one for her (ha, as long as it took to buy one for myself, good luck, kid).  I really never did like to share my toys.

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  1. I don’t share well with my tech toys. I get them all set up the way I like them and the Husband goofs them up. Congrats on your Kindle Fire. Enjoy it! We all deserve to be happy.. 🙂

    • Thanks…I especially don’t like to share my brand new tech toys with little 5-year-olds with dirty hands…you should have seen that screen after she’d touched it a few times. But I’m such a sucker…I was on Amazon today looking for hand held games (cheap hand held games) for her and came across several that actually look like tablets. Of course, they’re not connected to the internet, but then her family doesn’t even have cable or a computer, so I thought she might enjoy one. I ordered one for her (can’t remember what brand, but it had good reviews) with several games, music, etc. Hope it meets my expectations. It won’t be a Fire, but it might make a little girl happy.

      • I am sure it will make her happy. She is lucky to have found you and not just because you did a very nice thing and bought her a gift that will thrill her but because you are there for her. I am sure that she can hardly wait to see you each day. CH(the Husband)and I kid all the time about those fingerprints we leave on our “toys”. Those small microfiber 3 inch by 3 inch cloths that you can buy at Walmart, Target, etc. in their camera dept for eyeglasses or lenses work like magic!

      • I don’t know if Clara is the lucky one or if I am…she certainly makes me smile…most of the time. Tonight she was in some kind of mood and hit me. For a teeny, tiny little five year old, she can hit hard. I just told her that we don’t hit in this house and that she would have to leave for the day, that I’d see her tomorrow.

  2. It sounds like you handled that situation as best you can. I can’t help but wonder if this is behavior she has seen, or if it was just a frustrated kid thing. She does need to respect you, and I hope she apologizes for her behavior. I wouldn’t have shared the new Kindle Fire, either; and I’m sure she’ll be delighted to have her “own” tablet. Can you tell I’ve gotten WAY behind?

  3. Just bought my ten year old son one of these for Christmas – he is loving it! Am I allowed to be a tiny bit jealous..??

    • Maybe you can “borrow” your son’s kindle fire when he’s at school…but I have to warn you, then you’ll have to get one for yourself. I’m still enjoying mine and wondering why I waited so long to get one. Thanks for stopping by…and for the follow.

      • Good idea! Although.. I do have a Kindle Paperwhite.. it’s just that I am a tad of a gadget freak…! 🙂

      • A gadget freak as in love ’em, gotta have ’em, need the newest ones RIGHT NOW? That kind of gadget freak? Yeah…I understand that. Although finances typically make me hold off on purchasing the latest and greatest for a few months…when, you know, the price usually goes down and the technology usually improves.

      • Yes! That very same kind of gadget geek… but.. I have the same financial restrictions as you. Usually I just admire from afar! Hope that you had a great New Year and wishing you all the best for 2014. 🙂

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