27 Hours and 52 minutes until NaNo time

Nanowrimo logo

Nanowrimo logo (Photo credit: wyn ♥ lok)

Of course, that countdown will change often.  With every passing minute.  I haven’t been writing much at all this month.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe I’ve been conserving my finger strength.  Or my brain power.  Or maybe I’ve just been lazy and am trying to spin it so I don’t actually look lazy to all of you.  Whatever the reason, I’m excited to get this version of NaNo underway.  The characters are warming up, ready to approach the starting gate and charge out running full-tilt.

For those of you who will be joining me, let’s make sure we get off to a fast start.  It’s so difficult to play catch-up as the month of November winds down.  If you haven’t already become my buddy, don’t hesitate to do so.  I nag extremely well (just ask anyone I work with, they’ll agree).  Anyhow, just drop by and buddy up.


November is also my busy time at work…yea for retail!  But I’ve got a plan.  I’m going to get up 30-60 minutes earlier on the days I have to work so I can get some writing in before I head out to my paying gig.  Then I’ll do another round in the evening after I come home.  Clara may not be happy with me, our visits may be a little shorter, but I’ve got some goodies to bribe her with.  She’ll like that.  And I’ve printed out some work sheets to keep her busy.  Tonight we were practicing math skills using M & M’s…if you have four green M & M’s and you eat one, how many do you have left?  Not sure if she likes the learning or the candy.  I’ll have to make time for her, but probably not quite as much as I’ve had lately.  Do you think she’d understand it if I told her I was writing a book?  Probably not…

It’s almost time…ready, set…we’ll get going at midnight November 1st!  Let’s do it!

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for including me in your links! I’m totally gearing up. I’ll have to add you on the NaNo site. . .as soon as I can get it to load again! 🙂

    • Uh oh…not loading? Sounds like a major issue for anyone wanting to NaNo…but yeah, add me when you get the chance…we’ll manage regardless of technical issues.

  2. I’m going to come back later and “buddy you,” Patti, but I’m not sure I’ll nano. Or if I do, I won’t pressure myself. I’m not a runner! Good luck to you!

    • No pressure! Totally not what this is about…just an excuse to write all you want and let the housework go!! At least that’s what I’m planning to do.

  3. Wow, it’s almost here! You’re so sweet to plan ahead for Clara. M & Ms? I may need a refresher math course.

    • I can guarantee you I won’t be starting at midnight! I’ve tried to plan ahead for both Clara and myself…we’ll see how it goes. They’ve postponed the trick or treating until tomorrow night because we’ve been having some big storms so I don’t know how much writing I’ll be able to get in during those hours.

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