She’s wearing (gasp) pantyhose?

English: A picture of women's legs in pantyhose

English: A picture of women’s legs in pantyhose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I wrote this post in July of 2011.  It’s the most popular post I’ve ever published, still getting views and  comments more than two years later (must have done something right with the old SEO and I didn’t even know it).  I thought I’d share it again for those of you who weren’t around back then…hey, I understand it’s way too much trouble to scroll back through over 600 posts looking for a gem or two.  Anyhow, I’ve seen other bloggers do this and asked myself, “why not?”.  And if you have time, read through some of the comments…I think some people just didn’t get my wonderfully witty musings…but I’ll take the blame for that, I should have been more straightforward…you know, something like “sarcasm ahead”…I’ll remember that in the future.  So…here’s the original, unaltered post:

Okay, I am most definitely not a fashionista.  I don’t follow the trends.   Very rarely, do I even read about fashion.  I would much rather be comfortable than be some kind of fashion icon (uh, yeah, like there’s a chance that’ll ever happen).  So I was quite shocked to see all the buzz about Kate Middleton (you know, the chick that married her prince) wearing pantyhose.  Apparently, pantyhose had become so last year that people were surprised to see a future princess wearing them.  Really?  So  pantyhose went out of vogue while I had my back turned?  How could I have missed this?

I have to admit, I’m not much of a dress wearer…couldn’t actually tell you the last time I wore a dress.  But if something came up and I was forced to wear a dress (and that would have to be a whole lot of force for that to happen), I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t wear pantyhose.  Have you seen how white my legs are?  (Ha, of course you haven’t.)  That would not be a pretty sight with a dress.  I never liked wearing pantyhose.  They’re a struggle to get on, they’re not especially comfortable, you can ruin them in a split second, and you can spend a lot of money on them if you wear them frequently.  However, pantyhose do make your legs look better (and if you’re one of those girls with naturally tan, toned legs…well, just keep your mouth shut, would you?), and I always thought they kind of added the finishing touch to your dressy dresses.   You might ask how someone who is a self-declared fashion idiot could dare to challenge all of the modern fashion mavens, and you’d be right to do so…what do I know?  But now, there is a future princess taking on the fashion elite, bringing pantyhose back in style.  Wait!  Why should that make me happy?  I hate pantyhose.

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  1. Tights will never go out! Thats like saying “this season calls for no underwear.” Tights are a basic human right!

    (I know you call them pantyhose but I can’t use that word. It sounds weird with an english accent. Like a group of cult prostitutes… 😐 )

  2. I feel exactly the same way. I did wear a dress without them a couple of days ago and feared I was blinding the public with the whiteness of my skin.

  3. i didnt get the memo either!

  4. Ugh! I hate pantyhose with a fiery burning passion. I would rather wear a sandpaper bra than wear pantyhose. (Okay, maybe not, but it would be a tough choice.) Blindingly white with varicose veins or not, if I must wear a dress, my legs will remain free. Free!

    • Free, you say!! I’m not sure about the whole sandpaper bra thing, tho…have you ever been able to find a truly comfortable bra? I rate that right up there with panyhose…the thing is, I have to wear a bra everyday, pantyhose, not so much!!

  5. I must be out of touch with reality, too. Or living in a cave–that’s what I was accused of back in my working days. The last time I thought I’d wear pantyhose, I pulled them out of the drawer and all the spandex had left the building. I’ve been going bare-legged for 2-3 years. I’m FREE from the tights that bind.

  6. Panty hose suck, but when i was younger, my mom always insisted that wear them.

    • mine too…that was just how it was done then…I kind of like how things are now better than how they were then!

    • In your mom’s day pantyhose were automitcally worn for all occasions. Even under pants or jeans. In your generation I can understand your distaste of wearing nylons. While I have no idea of your age, keep in mind all over the world accept in the USA pantyhose are a daily staple. Here there are so many excuses not to wear. Keep in mind they are coming back. You have choices. PH, thigh highs which are so convienent or even stockings with a garter belt. I know this sounds repulsive to you but the fact is what goes out of style comes back in. I don’t understand your reasoning or others like you. They are sheer, sexy, make the leg more attractive and with heels and a skirt or dress I just can’t image not going without nylons.

      • Hey, I totally appreciate your views and I do wear pantyhose on the few occasions when I wear a dress or skirt, but I don’t wear them under pants to work. But I do think they add a more finished, polished look to your outfit.

  7. I heard on one of the morning shows that she has been wearing them because they are required as part of the royal’s dress code when doing royal type things. I don’t think they went out of fashion, i just think tights took over. they are a bit more fun and hid some of the not so fun things pantyhose show (like veins and cellulite)

  8. […] She’s wearing (gasp) pantyhose? ( […]

  9. If you don’t wear hose, whatever. If another woman does though, why do you dismiss her. Why do you care if she wears? Just like it isn’t her business why you don’t, why is it your business if she does? She’s no more out of date or fashion with her wear than you are with your daily yoga pants self.

    • I don’t think you quite got my point…I wasn’t dismissing the women who wear panyhose, I don’t really care one way or the other. I was taking aim at the “fashionistas” who were so aghast that she would wear pantyhose…Believe me, I understand that Kate Middleton is much more fashionable than I’ll ever be. And I don’t have a problem with her, or anyone else, wearing pantyhose.

      I must say, I’m flattered that you would take the time to read one of my older posts and actually take the time to comment on it. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I absolutely wear pantyhose if I’m forced to wear a dress. How can you not, with dress shoes? One word: BLISTERS.

  11. I can’t even remember the last time I wore pantyhose! I hate the things, but I do admit that if I wore a dress they’d make my legs look much better. Like you, I rarely ever wear dresses anymore. Occasionally I wear a casual long skirt, but there’s no need to wear pantyhose with those. Celeste 🙂

    • Thanks, Celeste! Everytime someone comments on this post, I just smile…who knew it would cause so much interest and a small measure of heated debate? By the way, I don’t think I’ve worn pantyhose once since I originally posted this!

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